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    Thread: Aussie neigbours...what are yours like?

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      Aussie neigbours...what are yours like?

      I have just had the following experience that I feel that I have to share and it made me realise how fortunate I have been with fantastic neighbours since arriving here 3 years ago.
      We moved to Old Reynella village 5 weeks ago.
      Our dog (Dutchess the Boxer!) "escaped" yesterday and took the whole family on one of those long runs that boxers are famous for! Anyway, during our marathon run a set of car keys and remote were dropped in a surrounding street. I didn't know about it until a few minutes ago when one of our nearby neighbours brought the keys back. He had walked the neighbourhood looking for a gold Kia that the key tag belonged to! Brilliant or what.
      Our neighbour accross the road came accross to introduce himself on our first day. He puts our bins out when we forget! This is just so different to when we were overseas. Our previous neighbours in Christies Beach were fantastic too. We approached all three adjoining neighbours to see about replacing the fence and they all went halves with us! We expected to be told to "sod off' but it was not the case. Our first two years in Port Noarlunga were also fantastic. The elderly couple next to us brought round presents and easter eggs for the kids!
      I just thought that I would share the fact that having great neighbours really makes it easier to settle in to a new place.
      I have found the locals to be so friendly and wondered what your experiences are?

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      What a lovelly post and a great story

      We have had some great neighbours whilst in the UK but have not got round to getting to know the people on the street we live on at the moment. I am sure we will but think they are bit hesitant with us only renting and not being sure how long we wil be here etc.
      I am going to change that soon but not sure how to go about it don't want to seem desperate.
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      We have been lucky enough to get fab neighbours, after the odd hello and wave over the fence the first few weeks we moved onto the odd chat over the fence then my cheeky 8yr old daughter asked the neighbours when can we come over for a cuppa and see your house, I was shamed and they were put on the spot.

      which led to the offer of a cuppa tea, and as we started getting to know them they invited us to their daughters wedding. So that was great our first Ozzie wedding, since the we've been to each others bbq's and they bought prezzies for my kids for xmas, and fetched us breakfast over on xmas day which we were not expecting at all.

      They've met our family when they visited us and our family loved our neighbours and have offered them accomodation if they ever want to visit the UK.

      We have been very lucky and hope others have been as fortunate.
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      We also have fantastic neighbours here. When we moved in about 6 months ago and on the first day June (our lovely neighbour) brought us a welcome in card and a jar of homemade banana and mango chutney sauce!!

      Shortly afterwards it was my birthday and she handpicked some flowers from her garden. Both June and her husband are great and the neighbours on the other side have been over to introduce themselves too.

      On Boxing Day there was a street party and although we had other plans they all made sure we were invited, very friendly....i guess it's true when they say "that's when good neighbours become good friends" lol!!

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      All our neighbours have been English!

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      We have lived in 2 areas in our 2 years here,Athelstone and Paradise.We have had fantastic neighbours in both areas and they have become good friends of ours.
      Our 1st day in Athelstone we were greeted by a lovely couple from across the road who arrived with 4 chairs and an outdoor table for us to use while our stuff arrived,late i may add.Then the family next door brought round a high chair and a cot for the young un and a load of toys and things for both children.A lady 2 doors up saw my wife walking to kindy in the rain and offered her the use of her car any time she wanted it.When we moved we were given presents as well as good wishes.We have had the same good fortune here in Paradise with neighbours bringing round xmas presents for the children and offers of bbqs and parties.The family across the road even offered us the use of their holiday home in Port Hughes.So i will let you into a secret...........the Aussies really quite like us,and how do i know this? I was let off a taxi fare only last weekend after the rugby 7s.

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      We live on a military base and it's really difficult to get to know your neighbours due to the turn around. One of the things I'm most looking forward to is getting to settle in an area, and hope big time to have fab neighbours!

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      we have great neighbours, really easy to get on with, full of info and a good giggle too.
      Completely different to the yUK

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      We have aussie neighbours all round lol.
      To one side, corner house of another street, had a 'huge garage', drum playing 4 kids but do you know what, not a peep during unsociable hours, we've even been into their 'huge garage' for a spit roast, included a bar, full size snooker table, log fire (Winter), plenty of seating - awsome !!
      To our left, a lovely family, kids grown up in Uni, took our post for us whilst we went to MBourne & always say hello....
      Opposite, son Liam is good friends with Tom & his Mum's always there to help out if I ever need to pop anywhere (minus kids)
      Finally 3 others, one often calls for me to walk Maxi with her, hubby in the Navy & the other 2 families also have grown up kids, both very helpful & its nice to get an invite to a full on aussie bbq cause they certainly know how to cook em !!!
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      anthea charlton
      :v_SPIN:Just say Hi!! Most are pretty friendly....i live in sheidow and i am friendly!!! We have a retired couple to one side who have adult kids. A younger couple the other side who have a son similar age to my two daughters and lovely neighbours across the road who are also retired. Most people are pretty ok. We have had several parties recently, for birthdays etc, and it has meant I have had to pop round to immediate neighbours and warn them!! We are a very sociable family and the kids always seem to have friends round, but we keep the noise level down and cut off completely with noisy teens at around 11PM. Some of our neighbours also have get togethers (can't be helped...the weather is too nice to stay indoors watching TV each and every eve!!) but so far seem to be pretty respectful of us as neighbours too. I have found most people in Adelaide friendly. Takes ages to do your shopping or banking though as everyone wants to talk!!!
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