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    Thread: To all who have settled here!

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      Tyke, what a great thread......
      Well, where do I start.....
      We moved here on a temp 457 visa in Jan 09. Since the day we moved we realised we were home. Our journey has far from been a smooth one, in fact we have had more upset and uncertainty in the last 15 months to last anyone a lifetime, and still every step forward seems to put us 2 steps back in the quest to become permanent residents!!!
      At times it seems that Australia is against having the Churches on their books, but we are a stubborn lot and know that when we decided to risk everything to stay in the wonderful place we call home was the right decision for our family.Richards work have finally agreed to sponsor us for PR and we hope to have it sewn up in the next 4 months!!! (Hooray, street party at the ready!!!)
      Rich came here with work already organised, and has changed employment 3 times due to having to retrain and resit his medical exams (Aussie anatomy must be different to the rest of the world! lol!) and I am still at home with the girls for now, we are financially worse off than in the UK for now, but know that in 5 years time we will be enjoying the finer things in life when things finally settle down.
      We were extremely lucky in respect to settling into a circle of friends that we knew from the UK, and in turn their friends became our friends. We regard Andy and Lindsey Moore as our family along with the Poyntons and Purtons and know that we could turn to them as we could our UK family in times of crisis and they to us. I thank you guys infinately for keeping me sane and holding me together when everything seemed to be falling apart!!!
      We enjoy a 100% better social life and spend much more quality time together as a family. we love getting outdoors and going camping and have enjoyed exploring some of the beautiful scenery that SA has to offer. The beaches, the countryside, bush and hills are all spectacularly beautiful and the feeling of open space is exhilarating.
      Our children are happier and healthier than we have ever seen them and they have settled into Aussie life like they have lived here forever. They even go up at the end of their sentences and say quirky little australianisms.....very cute! The thought of packing up and going back to the UK and being stuck indoors for 6 months or more of the year fills us all with dread. The girls say the are Australian now!
      In comparrison to the UK, the streets are cleaner, parks well cared for and playgrounds safe and needle free areas. Grafitti is kept to a minimum and there is generally more respect for the country. I love the fact that Australians are mostly a friendly race and ultimatley proud of their beautiful country and that pride rubs off onto me when I say I am proud to call Adelaide home.
      Would we go back? Well never say never, as we do not know the entire story of our lives, but for the next considerable part of our story, we are home here, in Adelaide.....and its HEAPS GOOD!!!!

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      We arrived here in May 1999 with three little boys, a lot of hope and even more nerves! We got the visas in September '98 but were determined that Hubby should have a job to go to before we made such a massive move. A few days after they arrived, Hubby was at a conference, met a couple of Aussies and within 2 weeks he had a job to go to!!!!!! We were advised about which were the better suburbs to look at and found a primary school within walking distance... it couldn't have been better. The boys have had longer, happier childhoods than I believe they might have done and Hubby is still in the same job, with as much job security as you can get in these difficult economic times. After a year, we bought what seemed like a big house to us at the time. Each boy (or should I say young man) is able to have a room of his own and Hubby and I have an en suite bathroom.... the height of luxury in the UK! Now our sons are older, the only thing we sometimes find ourselves short of, is people our own age to "play with". Time is precious and unfortunately because we seem to run a taxi service for their busy lives, we've never made it to any of the "get togethers". Life is good here though. I don't think we would have been as happy or healthy in the UK.

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      What a great thread this is turning out to be! Great to read everyone's stories and really uplifting.

      We've been here since August 11th 2004. I was born in Sydney, but only lived there till I was 15 months old, and had been back in Essex ever since. OH and kids had never even set foot on Aussie soil till we moved here! Main reason for moving was for better weather: I was in a state of semi-hibernation half the year in the UK, we were both working full time (me for a boss I hated!), had childminders for the kids, and hardly spent any time together as a couple or as a family: as one came in the door from work, the other would go out to gym, horseriding, badminton, mountain biking...all great fun, but completely separate from the family unit. I watched many friends with similar lives split up and separate from their partners - in fact every couple we ever went on holiday with (at least six couples) ended up splitting up afterwards - was it us??!!

      Anyway, OH was offered a job with sponsored four year visa here, we put the house on the market Whitsun weekend, packed up everything, and leapt in with both feet - about 8-10 weeks from when the whole process had started! Thinking back, we probably didn't do enough research, didn't discuss things enough, didn't think everything through, but hey...

      OH started work two days after we'd arrived, leaving me with two bored kids in a city apartment, driving round calling into estate agents, asking to go on their mailing lists for suitable properties - how they must have laughed at me!! Two weeks after arriving we had looked at so many horrendous rental properties that when we finally found one that was almost ok, we decided we had to go for it regardless. Took the paperwork down to the agent who was holding an open at a local house, decided there and then (again, don't think we discussed it much!) to buy the house he was selling instead, and four weeks later our furniture arrived, we moved in, bought a dog and two cars, and have spent the time since then slowly devaluing our house and cursing the dog with every other breath!

      Had more than a few ups and downs: OH was made redundant in Feb 2009 - automotive engineering, what more need I say? And I did feel a little bitter sometimes that the government was still encouraging migrants to come, when there was no work for those of us already here - but things have more or less settled down workwise now. I work in a small firm part time, great people, lovely boss, very flexible, and OH now in different field of work, working for the government rather than private, which has its plusses and minusses.

      Got some lovely friends, great neighbours, kids in a great school (although youngest doesn't quite see it that way yet!), and still get blown away by how beautiful the place we live in is. Had lots of visitors, all rellies though - funny how friends say they'll come and see you but when it comes down to it there are other things they'd rather do! I'm really not one of those who feels 100% happy about being here, rather than there: I still miss UK TV and radio (still listen to the Archers omnibus every Monday!), UK newspapers (still buy the Intl Express and Telegraph most weeks), and cheap holidays to Europe. Dreading the day something bad happens to family back in the UK and I'm so far away.

      This migration thing either brings you together as a family, or pulls you apart, and I think we're some of the lucky ones who have been brought closer by the experience. I love the way aussie kids stay kids for longer, and aussie teenagers are so friendly and articulate, and confident, and feel of everything in life we could have given our two, this is perhaps one of the biggest and best things. When they leave school, the world will be their oyster - whether they'll stay in Adelaide or even in Australia, who knows, but they'll have the choice, and the chance ..... and my daughter will never had to own a pair of white stilettoes in her life if she doesn't want to!

      Sometimes it does still seem that as parents we've had to make the huge sacrifice of leaving behind the security blanket of close friends who've known you forever, and family just down the road, all to give our children this option and this lifestyle, but at the end of the day, that's what it's all about, isn't it?

      Sorry if I've gone on!
      Sometimes the grass will appear greener on the other side because it has been fertilised by bull****

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      Can I say a BIG thank you to all who have replied so far.
      Some great points are coming out:)

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      Quote Originally Posted by Diane View Post
      ..... and my daughter will never had to own a pair of white stilettoes in her life if she doesn't want to!

      I've never seen it that way before but I'm saving my daughter from those white stilettos too!!! Great post!
      Backpacked round Australia 1992. Married Australian husband in Adelaide 1994. Lived in Adelaide 1994-1997. Moved back to UK & lived in Essex/Herts 1997-2009. Returned to Adelaide November 2009. 2 kids dual nationality.

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      Great read so far........
      We have been here for nearly 2 years, love it all, Haf had a job to start 2 weeks after arriving, she is Paediatric nurse at Flinders, enjoys the work and has really nice collegues, I started doing odd jobs and now am pretty busy working around the kids school hours, but im so much more less stressed and knackered as i was in UK.
      Neither of us miss a thing about UK, we have made great friends here, we are always having people over and spend more time outside doing stuff, a huge improvement on our UK life, Have a far bigger house and live right near a beautiful beach, weather is fantastic, most of the people are lovely and upbeat. I sometimes look at the beach and out to sea and think ''My God, are we really here''.....
      We actually wish we had come over years ago. The kids love it, Cerys is always having sleepovers( Very seldom did it in UK) Both kids love school.
      To be honest i haven't found anything hard going and none of us have ever been homesick( Maybe we are lucky)..Saying that, it was our dream to come here so we said from day one we were going to make it work....No going back!
      I for one do NOT find it expensive here, swings and roundabouts, but i dont mind paying a little extra to be where we are, it's worth it!!!!
      Love living here...No worries!
      Good luck to all who are on the way out, its what YOU make it, go for it and enjoy what this great country has to offer!!!!


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      We’ve been here 5 years. We were looking into emigrating to Argentina to run a Bed and Breakfast but hubby was offered a job in Adelaide all expenses paid and we decided it would be foolish to turn that down! We compromised and went to Argentina for 3 months on our way to Adelaide to make sure we had a firm ‘plan B’. We still haven’t implemented ‘plan B’ (that’s not to say we won’t in the future..).

      I struggled to get a decent job – I was a teacher in the UK and wanted/needed a change of career. I ended up going back to uni to study journalism, got a crappy job at the Messenger to make some contacts. Secured a 3 week internship and hated every second!! Pulled out after 2 weeks and dropped out of uni.

      Luckily we were in a position to live off hubby’s wages so I didn’t need to be working but I was starting to feel useless and frustrated so I gave in and registered to do relief teaching. I also started volunteering with a dolphin conservation charity. I turned down lots of teaching work as I made sure I was too busy in my volunteer role!! Eventually I was offered paid work at the charity and ended up working there for 3 years until I was made redundant at xmas (along with everyone else!!). It was one of the best things I’ve ever done and I can’t believe I had the chance. If I had applied to work at the UK branch they wouldn’t have looked at me twice – you need a Masters in Marine Biology to clean the toilets there!!

      I now work in a local library and love that too. Hubby worked in his job for 3.5 years then moved to state government as an official, paid train nerd and loves his job even though he works far too many hours. Our observations of working here are that once you are in an organisation and prove yourself to be hard-working and relatively bright there are far more opportunities than in the UK.

      We love the weather and the time we spend outdoors. The weekends and evenings still feel like holidays. We haven’t visited the UK and have no visits planned. We may yet move on to pastures new but not because we don’t love living here but because we get itchy feet and need to explore. We still have ups and downs but they are nothing to do with living in Adelaide – I would nag my hubby if he worked too many hours in the UK too!!

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      What a fab idea!! Well i have been here coming up for 2 years in july and im now fairly settled. Its been a bit of a rollercoaster ride for myself, i came here with my soon to be ex husband but we split up about 9 months here. We sold the house and booked flights to go back to the uk but i had a change of heart and decided this was where i wanted to be after all.

      So in just under 2 years ive moved house bought a house sold a house lol, came with a husband split up and have now met a fabulous chap who is my missing half and i moved north from seaford to be with with him. Ive got the community nursing job i wanted and im also a patient educator for a drug company which is fantastic and im looking at going back to uni when i qualify for hecs.

      Ive met some fabulous people on the way and for the first time in my life i feel 100% happy. The past 2 years has been a huge rollercoaster ride and its tough when you get here, you cant always have everything instantly you have to work bloody hard to build your life again, im glad i didnt go back, and i think people do seriously need to give it at least 2 yrs. Why would you expect to leave behind a life you built up over 30-40 years and have everything fall into place within 6-12 month?

      Adelaide for me was a culture shock at first but its a vibrant beautiful city that i think has so much to offer people and especially children. Last weekend we spent with our Aussie neighbours at their property on the Murray river, the kids all went skiing on the river and the neighbours piled in for a party at night around the fire pit. You cant put a price on that it was fantastic!!

      Ive experienced living south and now north and being a community nurse have probly driven through most areas of Adelaide. I can honestly say there is no-where i wouldnt live as its all got good and bad points but dot be swayed by opinion alone go and see areas for yourself. I miss the beach at seaford but i can be at semaphore in 25 mins so its not too bad. Compared to my life in the uk, theres no comparison this life is so so much better, one not obsessed with stuff or what label you have on, one full of relaxation and fun, great weather , fab wine on my doorstep, not crammed into a shoebox of a house and far more opportunities for the kids and myself and my partner.

      Love it!!!
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      well as some of you may know me n hubby have been in adelaide for just over a year now, we currently live in west lakes (we feel we have been spoilt living here as if we have to move out of this rental i don't know if anywhere will compare! lol)

      we miss family (obviously!) and friends but have met some wonderful people, we ride a motorbike so that gives us another way of meeting people and have found that they have been so welcoming and friendly.
      our next door neighbour is a born and bred adelaide man (for the last 60 odd years) and he has such a fantastic sense of humour and has welcomed us too (he stated that as long as we embrace everything adelaide has to offer and don't be a 'whinging' pom! we'll do ok!).
      we've had our moments, and had thoughts about 'going back' but when it comes down to it i don't think we would, for one we couldn't afford to take the dogs back and i ain't leaving them here! ;)
      i wish i could work less and spend more time with hubby, but finances come 1st and we know that we're lucky (we have more money than we ever did in the uk and for once we have some savings! lol)
      we have found now (as some friends predicted) that all our annual leave is taken up by family coming over! lol and i probably talk to my mom more than i ever did when i was 15mile away but i wouldn't have it any other way!

      roll on the next year (or 40!) in australia
      anyhoo i'm on a night shift so i'd better go and do some work
      ange xx

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      Talking A BIG THANK YOU to you TYKE and all x

      Quote Originally Posted by Tyke View Post
      ( yes you Paul - you had some really good insights)
      Hello Tyke, (and Paul)

      I would like to THANK YOU ALL for your honest words and descriptions of experiences, my family and I are waiting to get to Adelaide, I am usually the very positive one in our outfit, lately I have to admit to not being so positive and feeling rather anxious and deflated, even wondering if the migration is ever going to happen or if its the right thing etc etc blah blah .... its all been heard and said before, I know, and reading some of the 'not so positive' posts made me worry alot altho ... nope didn't tell hubby...

      thank you mayjess for your ongoing support

      This thread has reassured me quite alot, keep it going, so far it has taken me over half an hour to read from beginning to this point .... and I wil keep reading as long as the thread keeps going...

      Thank you all



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