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Yo dudes
Now we're here and starting to settle the 'getting the kids into school' thing is top of our list (along with a thousand other things) so any tips or advice as to which schools and how you go about getting a school place before knowing the area you're settling in. Our two are 14 and 11 and we're thinking of anywhere between Aberfoyle Park and Hallett Cove though just called the Hallett Cove R-12 and they're full up and said its very postcode tight. So how do you get them in anywhere without knowing where you're going to be?
We have heard Woodcroft College is very good and a reasonable price, anyone any thoughts or tips?

Glad to see you settling in.

Little Tyke attends Woodcroft College.
We viewed a few schools in the area(without wanting to definitely send her private).
We were just so impressed by the school's attitude but more so the students.We were allowed to mix freely with them so we got the "inside story".

Little Tyke is now in her last few weeks of YR12 and the pressure is on,it becomes very hard work in this year be warned!

Costs are reasonable against UK private education, as well as fees for tuition there are materials/books and uniform to consider.

The choice is yours though :D