"Unless a sign tells you otherwise, you can cross any type of dividing line when turning right at an intersection. You can also turn to the right across a dividing line to enter or leave a property (eg home or shops) by the shortest route."


"You CANT cross double continuous dividing lines to -
turn from or into another road
turn from or into an area like a driveway or carpark"

" You can cross a single continuous dividing line (when its safe) to -
turn from or into another road
turn from or into an area like a driveway or carpark"


" Two continuous parallel lines
You must keep to the left and must not cross these lines (Example 5), unless you have to avoid an obstruction."

"Continuous lane lines
On a multi-lane road, you must not cross or drive on a continuous white lane line, except to avoid an obstruction. This does not apply to the lines separating bus lanes or bicycle lanes, or the lines separating a road from a road-related area such as a parking bay."

So what?
Can be "Two continuous parallel lines" considered as "Continuous lane lines"?
Can the lines in the middle of the road be considered as "separating a road from a road-related area"?

NSW gives another definition for "separating a road from a road-related area":
"Edge lines
These lines can be broken or unbroken (continuous) and are marked to keep traffic off soft road edges and breakdown lanes. They also help you see where you are going."
Then it tells
"You may drive on, across or outside edge lines for up to 100 metres only if you are:
Overtaking on the inside of vehicles turning right or,
in a one way street, overtaking vehicles turning left.
Turning off or onto the road by the shortest route.
Turning left or right at intersections.
Driving a slow moving vehicle."

NSW gives clear definition for 3 types of lines and permit to cross all of them to get off the road.
Tasmania gives definition of 2 types of lines and permits to cross single line to get off the road.
SA gives about 1.5 definitions and keeps silence about turning to the parking from left lane across the "Continuous lane line".

Is it really so or I missed something?