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    Thread: after 6 days.....

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      after 6 days.....

      Hi everyone,

      Just wanted to say thank you all for your support, without this site it would have been very hard for us.

      Our flight was so long and tiring but the kids were so good, I couldn't have asked for more. They were so preoccupied with their teles and seat gadgets, they didn't once play with their DSI's, or the travel games that we bought them.

      Well were nearly though our first week. To be honest we have had up and downs. I have been so busy that we just have had no time to think.
      Got our car, long term rental and banking all sorted.
      Went to pay fees and buy school uniform today for the kids... very expensive the uniform came up to a whopping $850, gosh I do miss tescos for stuff like that.

      The kids took to St Joseph's in Kensington like ducks to water. It's a very intimate school. Just what they need right now.
      I took them to Glenelg beach twice, and they loved it. They kept on asking if we could go again, and the answer was yes it was only a 15min drive!!!

      They keep asking when are we going back home, I feel bad to say were not. I hope when the container arrives hopefully in a weeks time they will feel better. Maybe it will be easier once we have all our furniture and they have all their toys?

      Everything is so close here, it's a great city and I really love central market, it has a great vibe. I have been to a few supermarkets, and found that they don't sell wine and beer, how come??

      It's so green here, so many trees and parks what starts out as a miserable day tends to open up and the sun does shine. Don't get me started on the roads, they are huge.....

      Overall, would I go back to the UK..... I don't think so, life seems to be much better already, so much to do and were always outside. Very different from our lives in the UK.

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      The Dimmocks
      Glad your first week gone well, certainly lots to keep you busy. Getting long term rental is good going for first week.


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      Fly Away
      Sounds like you are doing really well. Kensington is a nice suburb and St Josephs has a great reputation. It does get better, this rushing about, not knowing what you are doing thing, I promise.

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      It was so good to read your 1 week update. I have been following your previous posts and it is good to hear your positive comments on Adelaide.

      Keep us updated on how you are going.

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      Supermarkets not selling liquor is but one of the many difference that you're going to come across in the months to come. Enjoy the green whilst it lasts, it won't be too long before it's all dry and crispy again. Welcome to Adelaide.

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      Hi, good to you you've arrived safely, you're in a beautiful part of Adelaide, everything so close and accessible and great schools. For beer and wine, have a look out for Dan Murphy's: there's one in St Peters (I think) which isn't far from you - it's on Payneham Road, and I think there is one on Lower Portrush Road too. Check out "cleanskins" if you want something cheap and cheerful on the wine front! Have you explored Norwood Parade too? Great cafes, and a really good Foodland supermarket there - I think it was voted best and cheapest in Adelaide not so long ago. There is also a fantastic fruit and veg shop (Tony and Marks) if you're exploring a little further out in Newton (near Athelstone). Shout out if you're looking for where anything is on this side of town.
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      Glad your settling in lovely, shame you didn't come a few months earlier to enjoy more of the summer, never mind as winter doesn't get as cold as UK.

      Sure kids will adjust quicker than you think, get out an about exploring and goodluck with the new adventure..xxxxxxxxx
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      Ric & Paula
      We got our boxes today and are having a fab time unpacking,for the children it's like birthdays and christmas rolled into one,I'm listening to "Thanks Mum" as I type!I'm sure the children will settle once they get some familiar toys and keepsakes,our rental feels like our home now with some pics and ornaments up.Happy exploring.....



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