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    Thread: MY 2 and a bit WEEK UPDATE

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      MY 2 and a bit WEEK UPDATE

      Hi, this is for those of you who have been asking me how we are doing and for those of you about to make the move over.

      This is our 2nd go at living in Adelaide, we were met at the airport by friendly faces, my eldest daughters mates from when we lived here in 2006-07, we then went for keys to the OAA, the house is not a palace but its clean and has absolutely everything we could need. I felt really positive straight from day one and still do now, I do not regret ever coming back. Hubby working casual which eases the financial worrries we wouldve had if he hadnt found work, I have had 2 very good meetings with the stop smoking services here, one application has gone in (closing date 10th) and the other one hasnt been done yet but she wants me in casual for a few hrs each week so that my application will be successful because I am already in so to speak, so no worries there, eldest daughter looking for bank/call centre type work as she was working for Barclaycard bk in the UK. Youngest started school- she isnt completely happy yet, but that will all fall into place when she gets used to it all again.

      Got a few nice close good mates, you know who you are, but they have been a Godsend and will be friends for life. Overall I have not experienced any negativity at all since arriving, been fed up a few times driving round looking at cars that I wouldnt even give away but they want a load of money for, but apart from that nothing.

      I have no expectations of Adelaide exept that I want to work then have fun, not just work work work. This place is great if you come here like i did 1st time round and expect it all on a plate and look for the negatives, thats all you will see, the negatives, I just see the good stuff now,,, my whole way of thinking has changed, so thats what has worked for me. I am not in the least home sick,, please lets hope that stays like that!

      So yeah, its all going good,, I will post another update in a few weeks hopefully staill as positive, oh by the way for those of you worrying about money,, just bring as much as you can but we didnt have much in fact very little, but we hit the ground running and it helped making contacts via email,letters to potential employers as that opens up some doors for you when you arrive, they like ppl to be pro-active here,, dont be afraid to send random emails, make phone calls etc etc,, because ultimately its your future at stake,, make as many doors open as you can.

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      great post with lots of good advice . thanks for sharing ,

      look forward to the next one

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      Thankyou very much for that mayjess, we are out in june, youve really inspired me once again.
      glad things are ok 4u wud love to meet up soon xxxx

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      The Dimmocks
      Glad all going well for you 2nd time around. x

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      Congrats for making it back again! We found the car thing the only depressing element about coming out here so far!! Horrible couple of days.. Good luck!
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