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    Thread: theres just no passion on here anymore!!

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      hmmm now i wonder why I dont come on here very often, like many others and spend 99% of my time with ozzies

      great to see whinging poms is alive and well
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      Quote Originally Posted by sueoc View Post
      Simple question.Why was my reply to Diane deleted immediately by Tyke?It was not inappropriate. This ain't an open forum in which we can say what we mean without vilification.The moderators can edit their posts to suit,as and when,whilst deleting post's as they wish!Level playing field?i think not.GTF.
      Because I did ask that no further insults be traded.

      Take it to PM or handbags at dawn please!!

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      Im sure theres more people/members thankfull of these mods with business interests than not!!!

      Ban all advertising, the for sale area, the recommendations area, dont allow any positive comments regarding any businesses....would that make you happy or the forum a better place????

      Quote Originally Posted by lorluc View Post

      Maybe...and this is just an idea....all future mods should not have business interests that appear to benefit from being a member of this site...impartiallity and all that...
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      I think it's time to close this thread now as it's descended into the usual mod bashing exercise.

      It's a difficult and thankless job for the mods, because as the saying goes, you can't please all of the people all of the time, so inevitably there's always going to be complaints whatever moderator actions are taken. All myself & the mods can do is try our best to try and find the middle ground. At the end of the day, the mods do the job they do because they care about the forum and they invest their time and effort for free, to help make PIA a success, so in my mind, any criticism of the mods is bang out of order.

      To address some points which have been raised, sure, an un-moderated free for all would be great, unfortunately, we live in the real world. I run 5 forums and since November, I've probably had around half a dozen threats of legal action due to things that have been said on the forums about certain companies. I also get at least 1 email/PM per week from members asking for their accounts to be deleted due to other members being spiteful / vindictive / nasty/ abusive etc, towards them, so they're not happy because in there eyes, the forums aren't moderated enough.

      With regards Diane becoming a mod, I made her a mod as she's a long time member and valued contributor on the forum.

      If anyone else wants to apply for a position with long hours, no pay, but attracts lots of abuse, then please forward your application to me.

      With regards passionate debate, nothing wrong with that at all, unfortunately it seems that some members prefer to debate the poster and not the post.

      And to avoid any confusion about what's allowed / what's not allowed, why posts get edited / deleted etc, the forum rules can be found here:


      They've been there for a couple of years now, so they're not something new. If members take time to familiarise themselves with them, then half the trouble could be avoided.

      Some of the more relevant rules can be found below:

      1. PomsInAdelaide.com is not the appropriate medium for personal or private vendettas. This forum should not be used to attempt to resolve personal problems with fellow members, migration agents, service providers or anyone else. Please email them directly to attempt to resolve in the first instance.
      2. Be respectful to your fellow members, this is a friendly and great environment; we wish to keep it that way so please treat others as you would like to be treated.
      3. Moderators may, if felt appropriate move your post if it becomes more relevant / pertinent to another part of the forum.
      4. Please remember that moderators are volunteer helpers that are here to ensure the forum runs smoothly. Please respect this if they have to contact you/edit/remove or add additional comments to your threads or posts.
      5. Should you have any issues with a moderator you must contact the forum administrator Poms In Adelaide - Contact Us.
      6. Discussions about moderator or administrator actions are welcome in email or local private messages, but should not be placed in the public forums.
      7. Please keep your language clean and decent. This include personal inflammatory language as well as obscenities.


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