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    Thread: The good, the bad and the ugly side of your migration story.

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      me next:

      the good:
      the price and availability of good aussie wine
      the price and quality of meat/fish and all fresh foods
      some of the lovely places we have eaten at recently
      the friendliness of some people in welcoming you to australia
      the lack of heavy traffic at 'rush hour'
      the weather (ok 2day is pretty crappy but compared to summer in UK we have it pretty good!)
      the rental house we can afford here compared to the house we owned in UK
      being far from family n friends (see 'bad' section too)
      the wages
      being able to use the m/bike far more here than in UK

      the bad:
      the standard of SOME peoples driving here (i come from b'ham and for me to say this it must be bad! lol)
      the price of convenience foods (come on sometimes it's easier to pop something in the microwave when ur knackered!)
      being far from family n friends
      the creepy crawlies

      the ugly:
      some of the hair styles that you seen teenagers sporting (what is it with the huge hair that some of them have! lol)

      i'm sure i could think of loads more for all sections but hey-ho i have some lovely aussie wine to drink ;)
      ange x

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      cornish Busdriver
      Been here 19 months so my findings
      The Good.
      Buying our dream house that we could never have dreamed of owning before.
      Being able to run a 2 cars and not worry about having enough fuel.
      The taste of real fresh fruit and food even though sometime it cost a little more.
      Bus drivers and Nurse's higher wages.
      Wide open unclutterd spaces and the wild life.
      The friendlyness of the people here, how they except you as you are.
      The pride people have of this fantastic country.
      The clean beaches and crystal clear warm water.
      The weather.
      And the list go on for ever.

      The Bad.
      Theres a bigger obesity problem here tham what most people would think or beleive.
      Crime is roughly on par or only a little less than the uk but also depends on the area.
      Un-even and poorly mantained roads.
      IADS Indisisive adelaideian driver syndrome.
      Whining poms (agree with tyke on that one)

      The Ugly.
      Arndale, Manfield park, Blair athol,some parts of port Adelaide and according to most ozzies in work anywhere north of Gepps cross (feral)
      Abo's when drunk (part of life here)
      IADS Indisisive adelaideian driver syndrome. (again)
      __________________________________________________ _____________________________

      There are a lot more + than - for me and the missus here.
      I was always proud to say that i am Cornish but never proud to say i was from the UK.
      Now i cant wait to become a Australian Citizen so i can say im Proud to be Cornish and Australian.


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