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      ozzy wannabe

      Pre Schools/playschools


      Can any of you shed some light on the pre-school situation .

      My Daughter Darcey will be 2 months off turning 4 when we arrive in March. I am I right in thinking that she can only have 1 session a week in a state pre school/ playschool ( you know the type where they stay by themself for a couple of hours? ). Then that would increase when she turns 4?

      How much roughly would this cos t?

      Any help greatfully received.


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      Hi Vicky

      Yes you are right - the term when they turn 4 they can go to kinde for about 2 hours per week, usually on a friday and this term will cost about $30 for the term but perhaps less, I really can't remember.

      Then for the following 4 terms they go into full time kinde which is 4 sessions per week - made up of morning and/or afternoon sessions. Some places will offer full days. The cost for this is about $50 per term.

      Good luck with is all ...


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