Well have just finished my nurse training...what a good feeling no more assignments..well not for a while anyway. Waiting for our survey now that we have agreed an offer on the house. Been dead busy all week filling in visa forms etc..gosh its never ending! To be honest i am kinda wondering if its all managable within the timeframe we have set ourselves???

I am hoping it will all go through pretty swiftly for the subclass 457 but i wonder if 4 months is pushing it? anyway this is when the hospital in Adelaide are expecting me so heres hoping.

What does everyone do about their flights and shipping? do you all wait until you have your visa infront of your eyes before you let your wordly goods set sail and book your flight, or do you play it risky??? would love some advice. Had a couple of quotes for shipping and think we are moving with PSS.

Opened an account with ANZ online this week too..been very busy.

bye for now.

Louise and Craig:D