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      7 weeks - our initial thoughts

      id have to shoot you if i told you


      blue skies, fresh winds fully powered on my 9 metre kite - there is more to life than work!

      p.s. i will be making a video diary from november and hosting it on youtube so expect 100% dreamland imagery that will fuel your dreams of life here - but best words of advice about things not so perfect come from the lips of those here and not on forums - life is of course what you make of it....

      too all those wonderful people both australian and english we have met along the pathway of discovery thank you so much for making our start so encouraging - there are many good people living here and alot of genuine help.....
      we are totally over proteined and i dont wanna see another bloody bbq again for at least a month!!!

      martin sue jess and jojo

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      Looks like you have found the outdoor life you were after ;)



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