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    Thread: 23 weeks and 5 days to go!

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      Quote Originally Posted by Rob and Mel View Post
      You lot are soooo lucky.
      When i got the call from the agent at 6am in the morning she told me that we had to be through OZ immigration before December 24 2009.
      This may not seem a problem to most of you but this chat on the phone was on the 9th September 2009.
      So we only had 90 ish days to sort out flights get the stuff in a container leave work and say good buy to everyone we knew.
      Believe me the time was even less because the prices went through the roof in December so we flew on the 6th November!!
      So just for the record it was about 60 ish days......
      My advice is make the most of the time you have its a long way back and might (hope)it will be a while till you see some people again.
      Oh sorry when does it sink in...
      For us is was the short hop from Manchester to London with BMI and we had to prove to them that we were never coming back to the UK.(to get the 8 suitcases and 4 people on the flight.

      Sorry its out of focus our friend was crying historically and shacking.
      Bloody good effort....


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      I love this pic - is it OK to say that it made me giggle a little bit?!

      I think having more time makes you put things off a little bit - like 'oh worry about that nearer the time' which perhaps will come back to haunt me? My husband is packed, seriously! His suitcase is under the bed, his books, warm weather clothes. He's ready!

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      :)when does it sink in?

      Well the first few days you think "what have i done"

      The next few days you think "stiff upper lip":GEEK:

      Then one day out of the blue it just hits you, WOW this is actually where i live

      Don't get me wrong it's not for everyone, and times are hard, but maybe just a sunrise, a sun set while driving to or from work, the whiff of a neighbours Barbie, or the whole neighborhood having a barbie when you get home. A walk down the beach when its 35+, seeing the local dolphins while your wading down the beach, there will be just something that makes you stand back stop and go WOW.

      It's a great feeling when it does sink in.

      Have fun with the countdown, make the most of those final few months, visit places you love or have always wanted to, enjoy your favourite foods but most of all make the most to when seeing people, and make an extra effort to see them all.
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      I left home 4 years ago lived in Dubai at the moment leaving for Adelaide 6th July

      Just picked up my girls Australian passports.. very wierd they ve never been to Oz??

      I cant understand why I feel so wierd ...Terrified actually

      Can someone tell me WHY??

      Its not like i m new at this



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