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    Thread: 23 weeks and 5 days to go!

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      23 weeks and 5 days to go!

      Not that I'm counting or anything!

      We've been waiting to move to Oz for nearly 10 years now, there's been tears (not sure if we could apply) and lots of jumping up and down (when the courier called to collect our application I was jumping up and down and made him kiss the envelope - thought I was a nutter) and then of course running around the bedroom like someone possessed when I checked email at 4am and finding the grant email in the inbox (nearly broke my neck tripping over my PJ bottoms). That was 3 years ago and we are nearly on our way. Number of reasons for waiting. OH to finish his time in the RAF, me finish a PhD

      So, we have a wall chart up on the wall which we tick off. We have a facebook page that all our friends can follow our progress as we make the move. We have 2 days next week of removal visits for quotes. Our leaving party is sorted, time with family all booked in. Away at the weekend to say goodbye to friends, and in a round about way sorting all our crap out. So the question is WHEN DOES IT SINK IN?!

      Is the time just going to wizz by?

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      For me it was when we were sat on the A380....just about to take off.

      I started feeling all sick and very emotional.

      But if heard our story of our airport fracas it was probably more a case of feeling relieved we actually made it onto the plane...lol.

      Enjoy your last few moments with your friends and family.

      We are all here on the other side, with offers of support and help for when you get here.

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      Good luck, with everything

      Would just like to say good luck and we wish you all the best.

      We have 29wks 4days to go

      I had my first emotional moment last sunday when i was sorting through my sons toy's:(.......I think my o/h has finally realised that this time next year we wont be here

      We move into tempory accomidation and our stuff is going down to be stored for the container in 6 weeks

      My son cant wait he is alreay counting the days, keeps saying he cant wait to make new freinds

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      We have only 81 days to go and can't wait. Feeling both sides of emotion now, the excitement of going and starting a new adventure in Australia, something I have wanted for so long. We have a young family and we are all ready to go now. On the other hand we are now at the point of being slightly apprehensive about it all. So much to sort out before we go and of course spending time with friends and family. Dreading the day when we go as it will be very emotional but I'm sure the four of us will look at each other and know we are doing the right thing. I am more apprehensive about when we arrive........where do we start?? We are lucky that we have some very good friends to stay with and so far I have 3 job interviews in place so am I worrying for no reason. I' sure things will work out and we are totally sure that we will fit in and love every minute of it.

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      Hi Drumms, we go on the 24th June 7 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! arghhhhh

      We also had a big count down, and have had our visas 3 years as struggled 2 sell our house.

      We started 2 say goodbyes about 2 weeks ago, goin 2 places for the last time. But its a very strange feeling as much as i cant wait to go to Adelaide again im terrified too

      A rollercoaster of emotions changing for me now every few seconds.

      I feel very empty, went to a shop 2day to get new trainers just sat there on the bench looking at them my eyes started to prick the young lad came over 2c if i needed help must of looked a rite fruit cake!

      I also cant concentrate on anything for very long at all! then i get so excited about our wonderful new lives, new oppurtinities for our girls an i cant wait to go.

      Very strange time we have our leaving party on sunday so im gettin ready 4 that,- that for me will be crunch time. Sorry i really feel like ive told it like it is that IS very how much im feeling, but hubby and kids just excited at mo nothing more, but i think im carrying enough feelings for them all right now!

      Good luck with the plans it really will soon be here xx

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      Hi Drumms
      we are moving out mid august and think reality is just sinking in now. Was on a high last few weeks afret selling house, container booked. Now looking to book flights and have started to hit a " are we sure this is the right thing". Think have just started to join the rollercoaster. Anyway if we dont try it we will never know, havent started counting in weeks yet that would be too scary

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      Bathers we maybe arriving around the sametime as we go to Singapore and then New Zealand before landing in Adelaide on the 23rd December.

      OMG Claire only 5 days *yikes*!!!

      I'm bricking it, but super SUPER excited. Any of you guys know where you want to base yourselves once your there? We are looking around Henley, Grange, Semaphore way (family there).

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      omg! in time for christmas then! we also looking at Henley will let you know where we end up as not to sure ourselves yet!

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      Our friends settled in Henley, they really like it! Good luck, you must be all over the place!

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      You lot are soooo lucky.
      When i got the call from the agent at 6am in the morning she told me that we had to be through OZ immigration before December 24 2009.
      This may not seem a problem to most of you but this chat on the phone was on the 9th September 2009.
      So we only had 90 ish days to sort out flights get the stuff in a container leave work and say good buy to everyone we knew.
      Believe me the time was even less because the prices went through the roof in December so we flew on the 6th November!!
      So just for the record it was about 60 ish days......
      My advice is make the most of the time you have its a long way back and might (hope)it will be a while till you see some people again.
      Oh sorry when does it sink in...
      For us is was the short hop from Manchester to London with BMI and we had to prove to them that we were never coming back to the UK.(to get the 8 suitcases and 4 people on the flight.

      Sorry its out of focus our friend was crying historically and shacking.
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