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    Thread: Taking your pet back to the UK...

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      Taking your pet back to the UK...

      OK, getting her here was very expensive (about 4000 total) The good news is that getting her back is much cheaper!
      My quote is for 1 dog 65kg total weight crate measuring 46"x 22"x34"... $2431.10!!!

      I had her Rabies vaccinated here and her bloods are done (did it last year cost $410)

      All they need is 10 days notice, I drop her off at Adelaide airport and pick her up at the other end at Heathrow... no quarnatine!
      Nath said that he would like to keep her, but, I'm not sure he's here enough to keep her company! Might let her stay for a couple of months to see how they get on.... I'm in two minds about this one....

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      I've just booked my dog in as we are going back to the UK on 30 July. I am using Dogtainers (recommended to me on PIA) and they have quoted me $2,800. Just out of interest what company are you using?

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      Australian Air Express. I contacted Qantas and they emailed me back saying they were their agents!

      How big is your dog?

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      He's a Maltese/Bichon. He had his rabies jab at the end of December and his blood test so he is allowed into the UK after 30 July with no quarantine. Dogtainers have given me a quote to do everything - supply the crate, pick him up and board him for 4 days, take him to the flight and clear him into the UK. I apparently just have to wave him goodbye when they pick him up and then collect him from Heathrow Animal Reception Centre when he's cleared through Customs.

      As our house sale goes through in July, we're selling all our furniture and quitting jobs along with everything that you have to do before you leave, I thought it best I got a company who would take care of everything to do with the dog for me.

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      That's fair enough, if you don't want the hassle. But I did all of the paperwork to get her here myself and it's actually a lot less complicated going back than getting her here in the first place I can tell you!
      I could probably safely double the price for her as she's such a big dog, by using dogtainers. (Looking at teh smaller crates it would be even less expensive for your dog I suspect.

      good luck with your move and I'm going to PM you now for something else!

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      We foolishly brought our two cats with us straight away when we came over in September and are now facinf a real quandry as to what to do now that we are going back.

      It seesm our two options are:
      i) take them back with us, and plonk them in quarantine for 6 months (although quite why it needs to be that long from a rabies-free country I do not know), OR
      ii) get them rabies jabbed now and then leave them here for the 6 months before bringing them over.

      We know the first option will be expensive, particularly in the short-term, but at least we'll have them up the road to visit once we get back.
      The second option would be cheaper & would probably be a little more fun for them, IF we can find a suitable location/host for them. However, we have a few queries on this route:
      i) where can we get them jabbed (& blood-tested) and how much does it cost? When I looked at the DEFRA site, they only gave one vet in Melbourne, which is going to be very difficult to organise.
      ii) can anyone suggest somewhere that we can keep them for the six months, are there any cheap boarding places/catteries (or equivalent) or is there even anyone on here who would be interested in looking after two cats for us for six months and then letting us ship them back?

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      i don't know if you will get a cattery who will take them on if they know you are returning back to the uk they may think you will just drop them off and leave them. but if they do take on the boarding then we pay about $20 each per night and if they go in together they get a discount..

      Coralta boarding kennels & cattery
      lot 3 main road, coromandel valley
      8370 5573
      i have used them lots of times for our cats and can highly recommend them

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      Chris Ayers in Morphett Vale (next to the KFC on Junk food corner) does Rabies jabs. He charges $99.00 for the jab... the bloods are the expensive part as they DO have to be sent to Melbourne (around $300) but that's it then.
      I must remember to put something up about getting pet passports BEFORE you leave the UK then homeward bound is very straight forward!

      FWIW: I think that your cats will be better off here for six months than stuck in Quarantine in the UK for 6 months..... Neither option is cheap!

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      puff the dragon
      Animals are a nightmare arent they?

      We too are thinking of returning ,however think I will get the animals vaccinated now as it will be over 6 months before we return(need our son to finish yr 12)

      Wishing everyone returning a safe trip and good luck

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      We're going back to the UK in March (hopefully the snow might have melted by then) and we're using Animal Travel to ship our Golden Retreiver. It's costing about $4000 - I know that's steep but two other firms quoted similar rates. This includes the paperwork, rabies shot, container and flight.

      We're spending evenings trying to coax him inside the crate with the aid of small biscuits and saying "BOX!". Then he turns around and we close the door for a few minutes at a time. He's getting used to it.

      He's flying back 4 weeks after we arrive in the UK and will probably stress more about it than him.

      Good luck to fellow animal transporters!


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