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    Thread: and this is my story :-D

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      and this is my story :-D

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      I can relate to a lot of things in your story. Me and my family have been here for almost 5 years and have just booked flights back to the UK for the end of July.

      We got jobs relatively easily when we arrived but over these few years we have seen that Australia isn't for us for lots of reasons. There is an awful lot of "who you know" rather than "what you know". It is a wonderful place but only if you love it enough to make up for it's downsides.

      The UK had lots of faults when we left and will still have them when we return. It will also still have all the things we like about it. Don't know about you, but we didn't run away from the UK because we hated it - we came to Australia because we had the opportunity. We've given it nearly 5 years, we have citizenship and Aussie passports and we are going home because we think it's the best thing for our family.

      Don't beat yourself up about your decision or worry about what everyone else thinks. Only you decides what's best for you. Wish you all the best for the trip home.

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      sounds like you are having it hard, I think it takes a long, long time for some people to settle in and if it hasn't worked out, it is not the end of the world, as you say, you can return to Europe. Don't worry about feeling distant from friends, I reckon you will slot straight back in like you were never away when you return, thats how it felt to me when I went back at Christmas after 2 years here.

      I don't know where you are based, but we run a playgroup in Reynella every tuesday at 1pm, people without kids are most welcome and most of us are around 30 - maybe mid 30's :) If you fancy a chat, feel free to pop down one week, kids just play and ladies stand and chat with a coffee!

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      Sorry to hear that it didn't work out.
      I meet a lot of new migrants and the some people do experience real difficulties getting a job. My OH is a perfect example. He's a professional with 25 years work experience and British qualifications but they mean nothing here. Sending away countless job applications that vanish into cyber nowhere is just so soul destroying. He works at a local store and even that job wouldn't have happened if we didn't know someone there.
      I think that there's a real need for a job agency that specialises in job placement for new migrants. Through work you meet people and the pieces start to fit together.

      I hope that the move back works out for you and that your time in Adelaide is chalked up as one of lifes experiences with your good times remembered as well.
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      Sometimes you need to move away to fully appreciate what you had. It doesn't mean it was a wrong decision, you make decisions based on facts & feelings at the time, but sometimes things just don't work out as you'd expected. You gave something you wanted to do a good go for which you can be proud. Better this than spending the rest of your life wondering what if.
      We didn't get rose tinted glassed with our visa either. It's bloody hard sometimes I agree.
      Good luck with whatever you choose to do

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      Hi sorry things have not worked out for you ...you should have come on here and said earlier..i'm sure someone would have offered some support/beer/BBQ an ear to bend...i came on here when i was first here and feeling very lonely...and i met a lovely family..although we live a fair way apart we had them stay at ours and we stayed with them..not looked back since..you got to get out there and grab em!!Good luck for the future..
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      hi sorry things didnt work out i understand what u say about freinds here seems like auzzies dont want to make new freinds weve found a few good freinds here but not many i hope everything works out for u in the uk least you got of your behind and tryed it respect to you 2

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      Quote Originally Posted by charlot View Post
      I read some people's comments and I would like to share my experience with you too..

      We arrived in adelaide 12 months ago. First we were freaking out.. from the outside Oz looks like a holiday place, well done for marketing campaigns :-)
      from the inside Adelaide is a big village with no 'cultural traditions', sorry to be so harsh..

      Luckily we found a nice flat and my husband got a job quickly, he tried really hard and he got one. I waited for 2 months to make myself comfortable with new environment first, and then I started looking. I sent about 200 applications, every week about 5. I was determined, got some interview, but after the interviews there was always a rejection.. I started thinking it was my accent that people are afraid off.. I have a degree and experience and Im not a freak so I didnt understand.. anyway I started volunteering and I found a part time job that is crap and totally not in my field but I thought at least I would meet some people.. I also made an effort to go for drinks with people, I went to galleries and never rejected any invitiations to bbq.. 2 bbqs in 12 months lol.. joined the gym...

      People in europe are so hard working, it is so stressful there too and people are working long hours.. that is why we came to Australia. To get a life. What happened is that we do have a life in a sence of walking on a beach anytime we want to, we do watersports swim and joined the gym.. we go for trips every other weekend.. and we are so f**** lonely and frustrated.. How can I chill like an Aussie? :-)))

      Before we came here, we wanted to start family.. there we go a year later.. I feel like I am loosing touch with friends at home, the longer we are away the worse it gets.. In Europe you can at least get a decent job and not through a friend, it's not who you know, but what you know and can you do the job...

      It is just such a shame that we do not get opportunities here, because there are jobs, but these are only for Austalians. Also coming here when you are 30 when you want to start a family soon.. thats not a good timing. People already have friends and networks and we would have to go out with 20 year old teenagers to get friends..

      So, this week I am booking my flight home. I ve been thinking about these pink glasses people talk about and considering pros and cons for about 6 months now.. People say that when they get back to UK or South Africa or Europe or anywhere they came from, they want to come back to OZ..

      My husband has a job here, and going back to EUrope will be hard, because we will be looking for jobs again there, but we will get jobs quite soon there, it's not like in AUstralia where people first have to do all kind of crap things to get to where they want to be... I dont know I just dont want to hang on any more I am a professional I like to work hard.. I would rather get stressed at work back in Europe than sit on a beach in AUstralia unemployed :-)))))

      and I must make this tough decision to go back now.. because I am so dissapointed. It's not anybody's fault, it's just a lesson to appreciate what I have back at home, how lucky I am to have what I have in my home country and not to follow any superficial aims and just be happy about little every day things. And I also dont want to be someone I am not or try to change what I like about myself.

      I made 1 friend in Adelaide in 12 months
      and I had 3 job interviews in 12 months

      Anybody with a story like me?:-)

      Great post, honest and truthful......

      Some people take longer than others to settle here and some people just dont settle.

      No-one can say you didnt try, you can go back to the UK with your head held high least you had the guts to give it a go....

      Good luck in whatever you do and whichever path you take when you get back....

      Please pop back onto PIA from time to time and share how you are finding it when you are back......

      Good luck and all the best...:)


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      Hi Charlot.
      Sorry to hear bout your misfortunes here in oz and wish you all the best when you return back to the UK.
      I and loads others on the other hand have had a great start to life here and found the rich diverse culture a real breath of fresh air.
      I now only work about 35 to 40 hrs pw instead of around 60 and missus has dropped down to part time and works 4 days per week.
      We have found it so easy to make new friends and have made to many to list through work and just out meeting new people down the beach.
      There is plenty of work out there if you are willing to try new things, i have 1 mate who was a manager in the uk and now works in hungy jacks as its a job until he finds a job thats he want to do, think it just depends how much and how far a person is willing to go to make thinks work.
      Australia suits some people and not others.
      Anyways hope thinks work out better for you in the UK.

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      lize smit
      Well, 8 more days for me before I get back to South Africa !

      Oz is not for everyone. I agree ,for some it is heaven, but then for some it is hell.... and as long as we all respect each other's view and reasons it is OK to be different-cause that is the way GOD made us!

      Godd luck from me to all of you that are staying as well to all of you that are going. May everyone find his own peace....in his own place....


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