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    Thread: Flights - ADL to LHR return

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      Quote Originally Posted by kangomik View Post
      the quickest involves Melbourne for both directions, and is via quantas.

      But i really do like Singapore airline
      How does that work, takes 1.5 to Melbourne then waiting for the connection??


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      Michelle if you go to Singapore websit and choose your day t fly you can then swap the connecting, most flights leave here lunch time ish. The longer you are at singapore the cheaper the flight becomes. Hope that makes sence

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      Looking at the connection times, Malaysia offer the quickest most direct route. All the others are longer stopovers in Singapore and I don't want to spend 6 hours in the airport or via Melbourne or Sydney. Sydney transfer from Domestic to International is a nightmare and don't fancy doing that. Singapore Airlines is also the most expensive.

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      Tracey Smith
      Would not recommend Malaysian at all. Flew to England with them recently, got back Saturday. Food was appalling, breakfast on flight into Heathrow consisted of Prawn curry with no choice at all.

      Have flown with them on two previous occasions prior to emigrating and they were great. Don't know if the drop in prices has made them drop their standards.
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      Quote Originally Posted by Moosh View Post
      Singapore Airlines is also the most expensive.
      there is reasoning behind that tho.....


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      Cathay Pacific stopover in Hong Kong was 2.5 hours coming out and 5 going back. You get to see the newish HK airport which is quite impressive but hasn't got the garden like KL!

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      Stevo the stop overs at singapore are 1.5 hours while the big thing refuels. They had 2 hour wait at Melbourne to and from adelaide.
      wait in Sing is killer and saps time.
      The in laws did it a couple of months ago when the hill blew up in iceland. They normally fly from manchester but it was less time to drive down to heathrow and fly rather than wait 18 + hours in Sing.
      He spent ages working it out not using cost as a factor and this was the fastest he could find at the time.

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      Hi ya,

      I work for flightcentre, in the city. I seem to specialise in flights back to the UK ha ha. If you want any advise or want me to check any prices for you just give me a shout. I work Mon, Wed, and Friday from 10am till 3pm, as I have a little girl :)

      The store number is 82117243, just ask for Katy. The prices I get are usually the same or better then what you find on line.
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      we just got back to the UK on Tuesday morning. Flew Adelaide to Sydney, Syd to Singapore, then on to Heathrow. Although we were only in Singapore half an hour to let the plane refuel etc I will never again fly via Sydney. Going from Domestic to International was a nightmare, and because it was almost 2 hours flight to syd from Adelaide and then after another 4 hours flying we were still over Australia we felt like the moving map on the plane had stopped! Seemed to take forever! We booked with Qantas but ended up on the BA plane and have to say we were surprised that the service and meals were good, having flown BA before and been disappointed. But am still glad that flight is over..and so is my bum!

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      If you can get in the economy section upstairs on the 380 with Singapore its worth the slightly longer stop in Singapore. Couldn't believe how much quieter and more comfortable the smaller cabin upstairs was, especially as its only 2 - 4 -2 seating. Couldn't fault Singapore Airlines at all, and if you have to stop at any airport, Changi is by far the best.


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