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    Thread: Flights - ADL to LHR return

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      Pat n Jo
      Hi, Just wanted to say double check if going to fly with Singapore Airlines, they now seem to do an hours stop in Munich, so that may put you off? My Mum recently flew here and she said was ok on way out but tiring on the way back to UK. We were looking at possible flights to UK and Quantas don't fly from Adl to UK, have to go to Melb, Bris, Syd or Perth first! then they re fuel at Singers or Hong Kong.

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      Qantas do fly direct from Adl to Sing. It's flight QF81 arrives Sing 1820.
      Then QF 31 (a380) leaves sing 2350 to LHR 0625 or
      QF 9 departs Sing 2305 to LHR 0525
      QF 319 (brit airways operated) departs Sing 2310 to LHR 0535.
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      [QUOTE=verulam;133404] I will never again fly via Sydney. Going from Domestic to International was a nightmare, and because it was almost 2 hours flight to syd from Adelaide and then after another 4 hours flying we were still over Australia we felt like the moving map on the plane had stopped! QUOTE]

      Same feeling flying from Melbourne to Dubai.


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      I too would suggest getting a direct flight into ADL. There is nothing worse than arriving in MEL or SYD and having to get the connecting flight to ADL it really is the pits.

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      Cathay Pacific flights Heathrow-Hong Kong-Adelaide are between 26-27 hours in total. They can be more expensive but you can also get a good deal if you aren't too choosy with dates. Have to be careful they don't pull a fast one with an unexpected change in Melbourne on the way out as has happened to me. This also often happens with the Emirates Adelaide-Dubai run where you end up getting off the plane in Singapore while they change crews and clean the plane - and they insist you take all your cabin luggage with you which is a real pain if you have kids with toys/booster seats etc. This seems to be the luck of the draw as I know other people who have taken the same flight number on different days and have gone straight through to Dubai.


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