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      dodgy gas man update

      He has had his week to reply, as per OCBA guidelines. So today I will find out if OCBA, gas regulartory board and the licensing laws are worth the paper they are written on!
      Something tells me they wont be any help at all!
      I had a few ideas to make him "proove", which is what he thinks I have to do, but decided not to go that low...at least I can sleep at night!! Dont know how he does. Maybe next time he does a bodge maybe he will slip off the roof insted of leaving a tile off it! I believe in karma!!!

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      he shouldnt get away with bad work ,all for naming and shaming
      its a shame theres not equliavent of british gas over here
      one company does all types of jobs for one yearly price
      hope its sorted soon

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      You know you could also take him so small claims court after all is said and done for the expenses incurred as a result (say if you end up needing to get someone else in to fix his mess). Save all documentation;)
      US -> UK -> NZ -> OZ



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