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      Easter weekend cycling


      Thought I'd post this up here in case anyone is interested. We've been on these Easter weekend trips for the past two years, and they are great family trips, although I got shot down in flames last year by some people one 'the other site' who thought it was a bit pricey. Perhaps it is, but all the food is included, including breakfasts and packed lunches (you just need to take alone your own wines and drinks to go with the evening meals), plus plenty of organised rides, and camping facilities. We've also made great friends on these trips, never something to undervalue!

      Anyway, this year it's in the Barossa, so plenty of nice places to visit. The people that organise it are great, and if anyone from this site DOES decide to go along, you're welcome to sit with us and our friends so you won't feel like Billy-No-Mates (you'll have to introduce yourself to me though, I'm hopeless at spotting Pommy accents now!)

      There are usually road rides, off-road rides, combination rides, and family rides. We'll have our tandem there so you'll probably be able to spot me! Oh, and I'm a very reluctant cyclist, totally unfit and usually left way behind (hence the tandem purchase!) and I still enjoy it!


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      Hi Diane

      Will still be in the uk for Easter this year but that does look good.

      Love the comments on reasoning behind tandem purchase :lol: :lol: :lol: great idea - you can chill on the back with your wine and make OH cycle :mrgreen:

      Hope you enjoy yourself, looks like a great weekend!


      ps - no shooting down in flames allowed on here and the moderators are very friendly too :lol: :lol: :lol:



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