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    Thread: What is the real low down re adelaide

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      What is the real low down re adelaide


      This is sort of my 1st post other than saying hi on the fishing section....

      Well I am actually trying to find out what the reajl deal is regarding Adelaide and its economy and what work is ACTUALLY like to find....

      A quick bit about me.I lived in Perth for a approx a year in 2006/07.I had to comne back to the UK for reasons and then tried again to settle in Perth at the start of 2009,this was a big mistake as the global economic meltdown meant work was hard(well impossible) and I ran out of money and went back to blighty very disillusioned.I have worked and saved and I am planning a final attemp withing the next few months to try Adelaide.

      Now I am trying Adelaide because I have been lead to believe that it has a growing economy and that I would have a good chance of finding a good job etc.I am lucky that I will have somewhere to live with a family friend so that is one of the big hurdles out of the way.I am a plumber/gas engineer and I understand that I will need to take SA plumbing test of some sort to obtain a plumbing licence and I have been fine with this.

      BUT I stumbled upon a post from another PIA user who was a disgruntled plumber who said there was no work and this made me look further and other people were saying that they cant find work,no work,crap pay etc......Well this has really put the S**T'S up me!!!.......I am not far from quitting my job and arriving in Adelaide and reading these doom and gloom comments has made me very anxious as to weather I am doing the right thing or am I again going to drop myself into the meat grinder...This was to be my last chance at making a life for myself in Oz and now I am really doubting the wisdom of trying this again...I know and I am prepared for a tough journey but I dont want to end up flogging a dead horse...

      PLEASE can the people in Actually living in Adelaide bring me up to speed to on what the actual situation is really like......

      Many thanks for your time if you read this

      All the best Steveo

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      cornish Busdriver
      Hi Steve.
      We arrived here in 2008, so far from what we have seen is that house prices are going up.
      We brought our house last year and if we waited to this year would not have been able to afford it.
      Im actually and so is the missus programmers / software enginers and both of us has 1st hons degree's in it as well but the wages arnt great so i stayed as a bus driver and missus stayed in theater nursing and very glad we did, the wages are better and work less hours just more akward shifts. We have always lived by always be prepard for a career change, and always have a career that you can go back to.
      I would say in my view and circumstances that the economy is defo on the up but i aint no money expert and there seems to be more jobs each week in the paper.
      Life here is defo more layed back than the UK and sometimes we still pinch ourselves when we look around and see how much our lifes have changed and improved, that we are actually here and this is home.
      My work takes me round the real Adelaide and i see everyday the same run down areas of the uk and deal with the same mutten heads and gumnuts as before so adelaide isnt a Utopia but still an amazing place to live but does depend on the lifestyle that you want.
      If your after a rat race where everything is going 200mph all day and night then adelaide would drive you nuts as nothing is done in a rush or hurry here.
      If like us you prefer to have a few cold ones sat by the pool after work, go for a walk with the dogs down on an amazing beach, watch the sun go down, see dolfins messing around and never in a rush to get anything done then Adelaide would be an ideal lifestyle.
      Im sure there are other on here that will give you there thoughs on Adelaide as well.

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      Hi Steve

      Welcome to the forum :D

      I think Matt has said most of what I was going to say.

      There may be a specific trade that is not doing as well but in general Adelaide seems safe to say the least and probably on the up.

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      Hi Steve,

      We landed in Adelaide on thursday morning and 26 hours later I had a job, I'm a electrician so can't speak on how much work there is for plumbers but if i got a job that quickly all the trades should do ok i would think.

      good luck, Del
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      Thanks for the reply's and info.

      I already feel calmer.

      I was hoping that the doom and gloom I was reading was more to do with peoples state of mind and disillusionment with things not working out exactly how they had planned.I can fully understand this as after my last trip to Perth if I had been asked about the place I would have said it was crap with no work or help but that would not be true.I just went back again in hindsight at what was a a bad economic time for the whole world let alone Oz and the whole world had convinced itself that everything was gonna go pear shaped.....Thankfully it appears that Australia have worked out that things aint that bad and are trying to move froward without making the same mistakes as the western countries......

      I myself have skills as a Chef to fall back on should I need to and I am not to proud to try my hand at anything if I cant find the job I want,at least that way I will have some $ in my pocket...

      If Adelaide is slow and laid back then that will suit me fine,I live at 200mph now,getting up 2 hrs behind then driving to work in mad traffic where 80mph is still too slow and people start crazy undertaking etc jus to get in front?????....then trying to get to work in gridlock traffic,working all day and still 2 hrs behind only the to drive back in the same madness before stopping in the supermarket which is even more insane than the traffic to finally get home 12 hrs later stressed out and P****D off only to have it all to do again the next day.....Yep SSSSSSLLLLLLOOOOOOOOWWWWW will do me fine....

      Cornish Bus Driver,Cornwall is where my folks live and is where I was living for a couple of years on and off.I was in Bude and used to love fishing upper Tamar lake and the beaches around bude...In fact I was visting my folks last week and I got in an afternoon's fly fishing on Colliford reservoir,didnt get a take for hours and then lost a good fish that snapped my leader jus before dark......Looking forward to learning to fish for some new species as fishing is my passion...

      One question I need to ask is I have my hand tools and battery tools and some fishing kit etc that I will need to get over to Adelaide as quickly and cheaply as possible.Now I have contacted the company which is linked to this site in the removals section.Is this the company to use or do you guys have any details of other companies that are worth contacting....

      Many thanks again for looking..

      Atb Steveo

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      You will not have any trouble once you have your Licance in place.
      You may not find the wage to good it depends what you have been use to, You will be paid the award wage which you can find on the web site worksafe sa. But it is quite unusal to be paid above ward till you are very well known in the industory,
      I work with the Job climate on a day to day basis in adelaide in the southern area and very closely with the all major suburbs in adelaide.
      Jobs are mostly easy to find in adelaide, its the hours and rate of pay that let them down.
      There has been a turn down in placed jobs in the past 6mths in adelaide and especialy in the past 3mths, but not in the areas of dedicated trades, nurseing and hospitality.
      Age also plays a big part in job outcomes, most employers would prefer to employe youger to middle aged staff, the hardest positions to secure at the moment would be in Admin, Management and It .

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      quote"I am a plumber/gas engineer and I understand that I will need to take SA plumbing test of some sort to obtain a plumbing licence and I have been fine with this."quote

      hi my name is john and have been over here for abouth 2mths, i am also a gas fitter/plumber,,pm me if you want info about anything as it is quite a carry on to get your licences as it depends what tickets you have in the uk,,,im still looking for work!

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      Hi mate sent you a pm



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