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    Thread: help and advice needed

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      Hi Prima..
      I am so sorry to hear bout the crap your going thru hunny,and you do feel alone and you will think its the end of the world but its not ,it isnt easy when you put all your worldly possesions on a boat and bring your family out here,to take the crap they throw at you ....

      They DO NOT make any of this life change easy over here in ozz..

      If things go pear shaped there isnt anybody advertized or so high up in authority than you can go to with your problems [i should know ]...we as brits should have an office over here with people who know the inns and outs of the system and that will fight for us ...[if were getting a bum deal at which you are] and it STINKS !!

      I know there are lots of lovely people on here who will help and have or are doing and they are great..
      But i can guess at the mo you hate ozz and everybody that stands for it ...[your only human]it is so sad that you save hard and cash in all your assets in the uk to come over and enjoy all that ozz has to offer,but to struggle and not have enough to go back with " it is frightening" ...

      But hopefully you will get some help and someone out there is able to point you in the right direction and things change for the better,you have to be optomistic my darlin for all of your sakes...

      I wish you all the very best and do hope your able to sort this mess out,these companies should not be allowed to get away with doing this to people its disgusting....

      Love and best wishes to you all and the next time your on here lets hope its all positive news ..
      Good luck

      Elaine xx

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      The Dimmocks
      Cant help on visa issues but really hope you manage to sort things out, if that be staying in Oz or returning to UK.

      Good luck xx
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      as stated, the husband needs to keep a record of when things aren't quite right at work, eg the offer of overtime to others, not himself, publicly made!, and any changes to his working practice, at short notice...........

      I had tthis rubbish 7 months ago, but when DIAC actually spoke to me, heard my side of the story etc, they really where prepared to listen.........and made the decision in our favour, im sure you will get the same consideration!
      Dont loose heart, and best wishes!

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      thank you guys for all your support, it really means so much to me.

      We have an appointment with diac this week, to find out where we stand. I'm really nervous and my hearts beating so fast that I just can't keep up. DIAC have asked us to bring all paperwork so they can overlook. Were meeting the chief in charge of sponsored visas, in CBD.

      Fingers crossed, as really we didn't come all this way for nothing. The kids started their new school on Monday, and they really do like it.
      Gosh why can't things just be simple in life?

      I also found out that we may be able to get some extra money on LAFHA, does anyone know any info about this, pros and cons?

      Thanks again, to everyone

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      Dont' worry about children as they are very adaptable so long as you are there to discuss things with them. Our children accompanied us on postings to Jamaica, India and Ukraine and thank us constantly for giving them tremendous experiences. Hope everything works out for you. Cheers Colette
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      As previously stated, if you can find another employer, the visas can be moved to them, if they agree to take over the remainder of the sponsorship. Hope all works out for you, there are ways around it.
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      That sounds like a terrible situation to be in.
      Lots of helpful suggestions already but you might consider .......
      Union first (employer may indeed have a reputation of doing this and they can help remind them of their obligations);
      Immigration next (ditto --- if they've had other workers on visas there will be a record);
      Then then is there an industry group/professional assoc or similar for the work area? They may well have a code of conduct that the employer is breaching and can bring pressure to bear and/or may have insights into other jobs in the skill set/industry/area
      You haven't been here long by the looks of it and your decisions to come were probably very valid and still are - this is a set back and must be frustrating and frightening but it's not necessarily the end of your dreams.
      Good luck .. keep us all posted
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      I've nothing new to add just want to wish you luck and hope it goes well with DIAC
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      Good luck with everything

      Hi Prema
      I just wanted to send you all best wishes and really feel for what you must be going through right now. My children are 7 and 5 too so I appreciate your concerns; but actually I'm amazed by how resilient they are and treat everything as an adventure. I'm sure that whatever happens they'll be so proud of you for having given them this opportunity. And as others have said, it's not over yet. Your OH sounds as if he's made a real success of things personally, and I think we all appreciate that it's no mean feat just getting out here. You've made a success of things before so you will again. Good luck with everything. I'm trying to send you all good vibes.
      Liz x
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      Hi sorry to hear about the hassle you seem to be having with regards to the cost of airfares - Temporary Business (Long Stay) - Standard Business Sponsorship (Subclass 457) - it states that the employer must pay your return economy airfares
      Obligation to pay travel costs to enable sponsored persons to leave Australia The standard business sponsor must pay reasonable and necessary travel costs to enable the sponsored persons to leave Australia if the costs have been requested in writing by the sponsored persons, or the department and the costs have not already been paid by the sponsor in accordance with this obligation.
      The costs will be considered reasonable and necessary provided they:

      • include travel from the primary sponsored person's usual place of residence in Australia to the place of departure from Australia;
      • include travel from Australia to the country (for which the person holds a passport) specified in the request to pay travel costs; and
      • are paid within 30 days of receiving the request; and are for economy class air travel or, where unavailable, a reasonable equivalent.

      • If the nominated person holds a visa, this obligation commences from the time the nomination is approved.
      • If the nominated person does not hold a visa, this obligation commences from the time the visa granted.
      • This obligation ceases when another nomination is approved, a further substantive visa is granted or when the visa holder has left Australia and no longer holds the Subclass 457 visa.

      So you should be covered for this part. Also DIAC are the only people that can cancel a visa - not your OH employer. They may grant you an extension to stay based on the facts that there has been a breakdown between employer/employee.
      With regards to LAFTA you only recieve this if the employer signs the paperwork regarding, this an agreement is between the ATO & the employer, we do not recieve LAFHA as our agreememt is that we would gain PR at the end of his sponsorship - which we are now in the process of doing. LAFTA is paid to employee who intend to return to there country of origin at the end of the visa - given your situ I would think this unlikey - but in the upside should you return to the UK (at the companies expense) you will be able to claim most if not all of the tax you have paid whilst you have been here.
      Please let us know how you got on at the DIAC appointment & i hope everything works out for you & your family,
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