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    Thread: Whats your views!!!

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      Whats your views!!!

      Did anyone watch the Population debate the other night? I found it very interesting,and i tend to agree with Dick Smith, as pointed out by a couple of people on there, we should have a sustainable Australia where services an quality of life are not affected. Along with a bigger and bigger population comes all the associated problems, crowded roads, public transport, crime...and with that comes more stress and aggresion!
      I had to laugh about the wind turbines that were put up outside Sydney and all the power they produce is for the Desalination plant needed because of a rising population....Ha!
      One of the reasons for coming to Australia for us was the space, and quality of life( Well ours is better), should a limit be set, they mentioned 36 million, and after that close the doors? What do you think


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      Easy to say once your in, what if you were on the list to get in and it was nearing 36 mil?

      More people more tax?

      Look at the size of the UK with +65 mil on it, and you reckon Aus is running out of land?

      The question for me is, Does Australia want to get bigger and does it need to get bigger in terms of population.
      Some of the common complaints come from having a small working population.

      Hey you asked LOL

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      Quote Originally Posted by kangomik View Post

      Look at the size of the UK with +65 mil on it, and you reckon Aus is running out of land?
      Sure it's a big place...but how much of it is useable. Water? Power Infrastructure etc?
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      On the other hand, with rising numbers of people of retirement age, the country needs rising numbers of young taxpayers to keep things moving along...



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