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    Thread: Change to learner drivers permits

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      Change to learner drivers permits

      Thought this might be useful for members with family learning, or about to learn, to drive.

      There are changes to the learners permit which generally affects the length of time and number of hours needed on an 'L' plate.
      This affects anyone applying for a licence from 04 Sept but not those who already have one.
      See: My Licence - index
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      Thought I might add some other useful info of anyone who is coming to Adelaide and already doing their driving lessons in the UK..

      My husband did all his lessons in the UK, past his theory test but was unable to book the practical test until after we were due to leave the UK.. so he didnt...

      Obviously he had learnt to drive , but because he didnt do the practical and become a full licence holder before leaving the UK he has now had to start from scratch here in Adelaide, regardless of what his driving instructor can say what hours he did, they will not take it into account over here.

      SO try and get your licence done in the UK if you have the time.. but leave yourself lots of time because some test centers have a 8-12 week waiting list to sit the practical...

      And every one will tell you if you can get a licence it is a absolute essential to be able to drive over here.

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      if u have your provisional licence from the uk, they will take the time on that licence into account on ya learners here, cos i used mine, i didnt have to wait the 6 months like normal on l's to be able to get my p's, dont know if this has changed when the new changes come in force, but i know of a few people have taken their provisional from uk and been able to exchange to p's before the 6 months was up. if u didnt bring the provisional with you, like me, then u can get intouch with dvla and for i think 5 pounds they will post you out a copy of the details of your uk provisional licence, which is what i had to do and this was accepted fine when i came to trade my L's in for my P's

      Dawn x
      Dawn (40) Chat Host, Andy (38) Electrician,Jake(16)Jessica(10)Molly(9) arrived in adelaide 30th april 2008, living in seaford and loving life!!

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      Thanks Dawn, yes we were reassured by lots of people that we could do that.. and arriving on the 17th of June this year my OH went to swap it over and they would not accept it, that was before the changes came into affect in September. So thought I would let people know that even with the reassurance of others it has obviously changed somewhat. Which is a huge expensive pain!! xx



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