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      Lightbulb going over for a recci

      sorry for not posting but days turn in to weeks etc etc me and my husband are going out for 3 weeks to sus things out look at houses to talk banks etc look at areas, is there anything that we should do or go if anyone has any ideas please let us know. Three weeks to go , counting the days ...

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      You seem to have a good idea what to do already. I would just spend the time driving around areas, looking at some shops, looking at real estate etc in the areas you like to get a feel for what they are really like rather than looking online as they can look very different :v_SPIN: Talk to some of the people over here and get some tips and ideas too

      Enjoy your trip


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      Loads and loads to do here whilst on a reccie. Sing out (as they say) if you need any help with anything.
      One word of advice, whilst here on a reccie, don't forget to have some fun and do the touristy bit too.
      Good luck and hopefully meet you this side.

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      Good luck with your visit. We are hoping to go in a few months so please let us know anything you find useful.
      Chris & Shelley.

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      tourist stuff

      thanks for all your advise we are stoppingwith some freinds at christies beach, blake who we are stopping with says he has our first weekend all planned out i think we are going to some of the vine yards etc ... will have to learn about wine now instead of just buying whats of offer at tescos..


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