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    Thread: Renting uk property out?

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      From my experience, We sold our house a lot less than we wanted, and paid all our debts. We came here with enough to buy a car, deposit on a rental and money to live for a few months.

      My only regret was that we did not rent our house. You never know what can happen. You come here with all the intentions to stay and create a new life for yourself and your family, but sometimes things happen that are not in your control. I would say it's best to rent, just so you keep some more options open, should you ever need them.

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      We are renting ours out in the UK,and have no intentions of selling,as we love the house.We have good tenants in who are very happy with it these past 2 years,and as said previously they cover the repayments on the mortgage,and that's all, because we don't want the taxman involved to any great degree.We have thought of doing away with the agent(literally at times !);)but feel more secure using a reputable Letting Agent.Best luck,Sue.:D
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