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    Thread: What's it really like?

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      Googbye hickville hello brisvegas!!!!!! Let's go lauren some peole (most of adelaide) are stuck in the past. Counting down to gomm as one person posted on a sister site she has nightmares bout her kids growing up in adelaide

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      Can't wait to leave to be honest!

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      Ah well, at least not all of us in Adelaide chat to our kids via a public forum!

      I'm going to close this thread now as it's ceased to give any useful info to the original poster. Hopefully he/she will consider all opinions, both of people staying here and people leaving, and make up their own minds!
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      Sometimes the grass will appear greener on the other side because it has been fertilised by bull****

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      I will just add my 2 cents worth here as well.
      Guess it depends what kind of lifestyle you lead before Adelaide and what kind of lifestyle you were expecting to live once you got here.
      Speaking as someone who works with the public and who deals with hundreds or sometimes a few thousand people every day and as someone who has served every suburb at some point i have seen Adelaide at its worst and best.
      What suits some people does not suit others, if you want the rat race then Adelaide wont be the place for you but if you want the laid back, do it later, if its not broke why fix it attitude then it would be and thats why i love it here.
      Just a quick question for you Laren. Did you come here for a reccie before moving here?
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