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    Thread: All you newbies

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      I was not forced, I was over 18 when visa was granted and it was my decision! My parents said since day one I had my own choice, so was definitly NOT forced here :) I wanted to come and was and still are looking forward to new lifestyle :)

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      Well some people's kids leave home at 12 to come and board in the city for secondary school.Their homes are up to 8 - 10 hours drive away and maybe even a small plane ride to their airstrip after that. For some their nearest town can be a couple of hours drive away. Some people have shacks that are 6 hours drive but they still make the trek. Aussie families are used to travelling distances and know that for some their kids will move away and will think nothing of travelling to see them. The only place that is still expensive to get to from Adelaide is Darwin, rarely are there any cheap flights. Then there are families who's kids only ever move a couple of suburbs away and rarely see their families anyway. It is just whatever happens and what the people involved do. I really think this thread is just going round and round. No one is going to agree and when threads get this long, it is rare for people to bother to read the starting posts. Only a family knows what a family needs for itself. Lauren and her family can go wherever they please and really as already said by a few of the quieter posts, it is not Lauren's view that is inflamatory, just the manner in which her thoughts were portrayed. Many young people want to move away and try somewhere else and sometimes they need to do this to appreciate what they have left. Some just find relief that they left it all behind. So lets all wish lauren and her family well with their future choice and let this thread die the death it needs to. It is serving no purpose except as an outlet for people to continue to state their yay or nay views.
      Sailed SS Australis out of Southampton 1977.Arrived October in Adelaide via Melbourne 1977.Liverpool/London 1987 - 1992
      Adelaide 1992 to eternity:)and one day you'll wake up and stop counting how long you've been here.

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      Totally agree, this thread has run its course and peoples true colours have been flown and shown.
      Lets just say good bye and wish Lauren a good flight and better luck with her future no-matter where it lays.
      Lauren please do a reccie and research before you make any decision, you never know sydney or Perth might be a better option. You dont want to male the same mistake again do ya.

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      Quote Originally Posted by laurenburton92 View Post
      BE CAREFULL what you post!
      One bad word, one 'wrong' opinion, and your post will be deleted!
      In one post I gave my opinion, the complete truth as far as I am concerned and I was told, basically that It was wrong! As a human, I am entitled to my opinion, and I thought forums like thid were for opinions! If people had told us the truth before we moved to adeaide then we wouldn't be moving in two weeks to brisbane!
      Personal infomation is given out on this site, and mine + my mothers identity was revealed which we are both really not happy about!!

      See how many views this thread gets before being deleted, if the moderators don't like or agree with my point, it will get deleted or I will be classed as a trouble maker!
      I think people over seas looking to come over should no the truth about adelaide, and I havnt got only bad things to say, so if anyone would like to no of my expereince of adelaide, please reply on thisd and don't feel forced to private message me, as this is what forums are all about!

      Honesty and opinions!!
      Hi Lauren,
      I don't really know what's gone on but here's my view on forums.

      When an issue blows up, people quickly find themselves on one side of the fence, one way or the other. When people post, it's usually there for a long time and can be seen by many. We can all say flippant things verbally which we may (or may not) regret, but on a forum there is a wider audience.

      When people land on one side of the fence, then that's they way it seems to stay. People now, seem less likely to back down or let things lie as that is deemed to be weak.

      The best form of moderation is self-moderation, which we can all do.

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      Quote Originally Posted by Matey2 View Post
      How will we feel as parents if our children want to try their luck somewhere with more excitement for young people? It's worth considering now folks.
      Im in that scenario right now - my teens went to melly with their jobs, theyve loved it there but much to my surprise theyve both said today they would rather come back to Adelaide at christmas and stay here than go back to melly or onto sydney...i've said theyre daft they should go see as much of the country that they can.
      However sad i feel that theyre not here im very proud that they have been strong and independent young adults, to move away to a city 8hrs drive away and theyre making the most of the opportunities offered to them.

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      I think the mods were damned if they did and damned if they didn't with regards to locking this sooner or deleting it.

      However, as a fair few people have said, it really has run its course now and I don't feel the mods would be curtailing anyones speech at this point if it were locked or deleted. People have aired their views and read what others have to say.

      Out of interest I went back and read the rules after reading this thread and tbh, having read those again, if I were modding this forum I'd have locked this, deleted any replies to it and been done. Or just deleted it all together. Perhaps be grateful you are not posting on my forum


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