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      Great post and no moderating needed ;)

      You will never please all of the people all the time - just put your honest opinion and all in all a good, realistic post. Enjoy your sleep!!


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      Rachel & Jeff
      Does this mean you are definately going then?

      If you're anything like us you spent the first few days wondering why you ever thought it was a good idea and those who've never been need to be fully prepared as I'm sure those feelings will be even stronger when your first visit is your actual move.

      Really good post though and again reminds everyone that they won't suddenly go from rags to riches. It will just be a different and in my opinion better way of life.


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      Good post Gra, glad you had a good time.
      Like Patch says, spend a few more Ks on the roads, you will come across some bizarre driving...no lights in the rain!!!.
      Nice to hear Jac thought the clothes were the same, I have always thought so, as the Matalan catalog is still being re directed, also had an 18 yr old who said the clothes were the same. So we are only a season behind!
      How long till you come out then???

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      It's always good to read about others experiences as it can always support your own thoughts or dispel myths.
      I have always considered reccies as essential for anyone considering such a big step. Best to spend a few K's in advance rather than 10K's moving then returning to uk after a year. Being unhappy 1000's of miles from your loved ones must be like torture.

      One thing i will say is to fully experience Adelaide you need to be immersed in it for a couple of months. A short reccie can only give you so much and it's always difficult to get the focus or your objectives right. Do i spend all my time focusing on suburbs and schools or do i spend time getting a real taste of the life by going to bars and resturants, clothes and food shopping? Doing activities and trips that you might do at the weekend when you live there.

      The CBD i thought was beautiful, as are the hills and beaches. Some of the more industrial parts and older suburbs can look pretty awful and may shock you, i was!!!!

      My short reccie was, i thought balanced and i did all that i planned to, but i still came home feeling unsure about the move and if it was a right thing for my family. For me the bottom line is however as much i like the location i currently live, the local schools and conveniences, they will be matched in Adelaide, i'm sure of it from what i've seen. I feel living in the UK right now is a burden i wish to be rid of.

      All being well we'll be in Adelaide in January and i fully intend to make sure as a family we make the most of it. The last thing we'll do is buy property as if we do get it wrong, location, job or whatever, we'll have the flexibility to move on.

      I hope i haven't come off all opinionated . My intention is to inform from my own experience as many do on this forum.

      Gra and Jac i say well done to you for firstly going out to visit and thanks for your honest opinion/assessment of the place.

      Paul, Sam, Elliott and Lily
      Living in Woodcroft

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      Great post Graham. You have raised some very good points and I for one am very grateful. Hallet Cove is top of our list from research done on line and from listening to first hand accounts. I would stress however that we will not commit ourselves to moving there until we have checked it along with all the other suburbs for ourselves. But every little bit of info helps. You are 100% correct regarding why we are going to Oz at all. We don't expect it easy, indeed quite the reverse. We do expect though that the lifestyle will be better along with the weather. I'm looking at it as an adventure. Something to spice up the routine and rat race of living here. Your post gives that very impression and now I can't wait to see it all for myself and do the house hunting, school selection and generally starting a new life.

      Thanks again for an honest and informative post.:D


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      can't just read it and not say anything can I????
      Well done guys, shoots from the hip! Believe it or not, we have not had a drink since you left!
      Catch up soon
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      [quote=Guzzler&Sas;16640]can't just read it and not say anything can I????
      Well done guys, shoots from the hip! Believe it or not, we have not had a drink since you left! ]

      Not had a drink since they left ey....Says alot about the week!!!

      I have read through twice now and found some other interesting things, especially regarding the North!! As Pete said its an adventure and we too dont expect it to be easy but will have a damn good time trying!!!

      Dan and Steph
      If you wanna a beer....PM me

      Daniel, 31 and Stephanie, 30, Arrived 30th April 2008 and LOVING IT!!!

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      Hi there
      Glad you enjoyed yourselves eventually and obviously made lots of new friends which will be good for you to know that you are not coming here without knowing people.
      Do tend to agree with Patch and SPS I'm afraid about the driving side of things, but hey I don't know what they drive like in your part of the UK!
      Also the slightly cheaper cost of living IMO food shopping is much more expensive and just had our electricity bill $769!!!!!! All we had on were lights, tv and heating for four hours an evening! We haven't even got a pool!!!!! Thought last winter's was high at $600!!!!! You do need to remember that the wages are soooo much lower so you really can't compare costs to UK.
      Let's hope the time passes quickly for you until you come for good

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      Reading Sarah's post I re-read mine - I MUST remember not to post first thing in the morning! Who's SPS?!!! I meant SSP! Also it may have come across as a bit negative - didn't mean it that way just so that people aren't misled that the cost of living is a lot lower!
      Still it is a great life - especially when it's not raining!

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      Guys, can things go back to items relating to the original great post that Gra done as things are starting to get a little personal. Everyone will have different views and im sure everyone has views that others dont agree with. Please lets calm down and get back to respectful comments
      Ian, Rachel, Harry 16 & Georgia 13

      Arrived in Adelaide 14th June 2008


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