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      Update on the big, mad plan...!

      A while back I posted to say my hubby and I had had a few glasses of wine and come up with a plan of taking off in a sailing boat and sailing around Aus finding work as we go. Neither of us has ever sailed and I got some great advice from people on here about how to get the ball rolling.....

      We have now enrolled in a 6 week sailing course (starting next week) and have just chartered a yacht in the Whitsundays so we can spend xmas there. This gives us a good incentive to work hard on the sailing course as if we don't show the charter company that we can sail they won't let us take the boat!!!

      We are probably going to join the Cruising Yacht Club and go out crewing on their twilight sailing, non-competitive (!!!) evening cruises too.

      Now we just have to work on the savings plan to buy the boat we want. $100 saved only $139, 900 to go......

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      Good luck on your dream!!!

      Great to see you taking a course, you need as much experience and knowledge as possible before attempting the dream.

      While on my 6 week Sea Rescue Seamanship course I met a lovely couple who went sailing with no experience and scared themselves silly!

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      I think that sounds like an amazing idea! Would love to do something like that if we didnt have 2 rugrats in tow.

      Good luck to you!

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      That sounds really great.Good luck with the new adventure.I would be to scared to do that!
      Just the thought of going on a cruise is enough for me.
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      Thanks guys!
      We have yet to find out if we ger seasick.....the dream could end before it begins if we have queasy stomachs!
      If it all fails miserably cause we can't cope with the ocean swells we will be very happy with 'Plan B', buy a campervan and do the big lap by road rather than sea.

      It's fantastic to have so many wonderful options right on our doorstep!



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