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    Thread: 5 Good, 5 Bad

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      Quote Originally Posted by kerfumph View Post
      There's crappy houses everywhere, I bet UK rentals have some horror stories as well and I guess most expats have never lived in one untill moving here. No heating /insulation regs in the 70's in Uk either.

      Windows are poor, yes, but cheap, you can't have your cake and eat it so to speak.

      Live in a decent house and you won't have a problem, rentals won't be decent as there done for minimal outlay, the same the world over. Build your own house and say it's crap, you're the one to blame.

      Windows cheap ooo tell me where I can find cheap windows here

      Lived in a 1900's a 1970's and 1935 and a brand newhouse in the uk all was insulated stayed warm, (need to really lol) live in a 1970's and a newish build here both bloody freezing and if I could afford to build my own house I would.

      Right 5 good

      the sun
      the sun
      the sun
      the sun
      the sun

      5 bad

      having to go to work when the sun is shining
      Got 175 visa 18th April 08
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      Central Market
      Accessibility of the City, parks and hills
      Great public libraries
      Wide roads, no traffic jams

      Flight costs and availability out of here to anywhere else
      Crap media (radio, papers, TV)
      Job market
      Christmas away from parents and friends
      Pokies in characterless pubs

      Sorry - can't count!
      Sometimes the grass will appear greener on the other side because it has been fertilised by bull****

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      Quote Originally Posted by moonraker1959 View Post
      Do you mind me asking why your kids never rode bikes,climbed tree's and mountains in the UK?I have aussie kids(we all now live in the UK)and we've always done those activities in both countries?????Now my grandkids are doing the same,yes in the UK!
      Good old Moonraker. Will never hear a bad word said about the UK!
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      Quote Originally Posted by moonraker1959 View Post
      Do you mind me asking why your kids never rode bikes,climbed tree's and mountains in the UK?I have aussie kids(we all now live in the UK)and we've always done those activities in both countries?????Now my grandkids are doing the same,yes in the UK!
      But obviously not the climbing mountains bit in Wiltshire as there are no mountains!

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      It's OK here;some good and bads i've found are,

      Friendlier,happier people in general.Met loads of lovely people here.

      Sunny Days in abundance
      I Like my job
      No need to rush in to buying a house,as can afford to pay rent,live well and save.
      Hundreds of Groups and Societies for any pastime or leisure activity you may wish to take up.

      The ridicuously bad and dangerous driving here,and the confusing road systems,designed to bring in revenue via the Police.
      The poorly constructed houses.Freezing in the Winter and Roasting in the Summer!
      The furtive and ever escalating prices in the big 2 Supermarkets,daft offers like Buy 10,get one free?

      Just my Opinion.;)

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      1- sun
      2 -open spaces
      3 -Parrots
      4 -Great country to exlplore
      5 -Mostly friendly people

      1 - electric plugs and sockets
      2 -crap drivers for the most part
      3 -centipedes
      4 -crap christmas
      5 - That annoying yelllow weed that grows in the winter
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      Great Thread...

      5 good -
      the beaches and not paying to park on them let alone near them
      days out and camping planned in advance without the wet weather alternative
      the wildlife, love seeing roo's and koala's an;d parrots etc but miss squirrels
      getting 2 great jobs with great pay
      meeting genuine friendly paople and making amazing friendships
      (i dont mind the roads/drivers here - i = blend in well )
      opportunity to now own/build my own home...

      5 bad -
      snakes and sharks
      freezing rental however now in own home with extra insultation and heating woohoo
      stupid oclock footie
      nasty grass in the summer thats full of prickles that you cant walk on...
      cant think of anything else...

      oh family being so far away but we knew that before we came....

      i'm totally in the loving it brigade but do see the faults, but am able to see ways through or past most of them faults to make my life good.

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      Well...we have clay hill! :)
      Pretty tough going if you ask me!

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      Dave & Carole
      1)The sky does seem bigger ( I know it not, but hey it makes us smile)
      2) Friendly people
      3) There is no pretence; people say it like it is, no-one judges you on what you wear or what car you drive, or what you house is like
      4) Seeing the sea everyday
      5)Variety of things to do as a family that are free or don't cost much
      6 )(sorry) The magpies sing and you see parrotts just flying around :)

      1) Lack of double glazing - feels colder in the winter - not sure that it actually is but hearing the noise of the weather certainly makes you feel colder
      2) Having to wear suncream most the of the year (but small price to pay to enjoy the glorious sunshine)
      3) Flies in the summer
      4) The Australian public school 'curriculum' - its current structure is fantatsic if you have a good teacher, but if you get a rubblish one it is easy for that teacher to get away with teaching very little. (Just our experience of one school though).
      5)TV scheduling doesn't run to time ( if you set up to record stuff you have to add on loads to avoid missing the end of shows ------scraping around for 5!!!
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      OOOH I love this........

      The Good:
      1)beaches galore
      2)friendly people
      3)wonderful wildlife on your doorstep (literally!!!)
      4)sunny blue skies
      5)opportunities for families to be families and kids to be kids while feeling safe

      The Bad:
      1)DIAC -Get PR before you come!!!lol!
      2)BIG spiders!!!!
      3)poor choice in supermarkets for extorionate prices
      4)idiot drivers with no manners when you let them in!!
      5)rubbish tv


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