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    Thread: 5 Good, 5 Bad

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      4. Having to watch Adelaide United instead of QPR

      er you put this one in the wrong list
      Got 175 visa 18th April 08
      landed on planet Adelaide 26th Oct 08 LOVE IT!!

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      Free outside bbqs
      Friendly locals
      Built own house
      Great wine


      Football is football and thats that ( round ball )
      Nasty things that bite you
      pets for sale in shops
      everything going brown so quick
      having to work for a living

      Heaps Good
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      3.Space & yellow grass in Summer hehehe
      4.House, cause I love mine :D
      5.And finally the aussies, cause they make me laugh :D

      1.Winter, just too damn chilly
      2.No family, very hard being soo far away :(
      3.Mosquitos, Im eaten alive :(
      4.Port Adelaide hehehe, Ive a house full of Collingwood fans hehehe
      5.Sharks !!!!!
      Angela (43), Ashley (45), Bradley (17), Thomas (13) & Max our Spoodle (6) Visa Process 23/10/06 - granted 27/04/07. Now permanent residents as of Sept 09.
      Arrived 6th Sept 07 Living in Onkaparinga Hills. Building a new home 2014 Hallett Cove with Rivergum 2 Story & views back / front :D
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      [QUOTE=SA Great;149592]Good old Moonraker. Will never hear a bad word said about the UK![/QUOT
      Hey enough of the old,the avatar is actually my husbands!Actually I never whinged either about living in Australia when I was there,must be an eternal optimists/realists!
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      Quote Originally Posted by Martin and Val View Post
      But obviously not the climbing mountains bit in Wiltshire as there are no mountains!
      Why not obviously?We have lived in Scotland and Cumbria,so yes we have climbed mountains!

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      I like these threads!!! Heres mine.
      The Good.....
      1.The weather, even though it's been a long winter this year, still a vast improvment.
      2. Ease in which i started my own little buisness( Part -time) and have been offered a good amount of work .
      3. The people are friendlier and more upbeat, seem happy with what they have, even if it aint a lot!
      4. Far bigger house than we could have ever achieved in England, and we have a 2 min walk to a fabulous beach.
      5.The beach and coastline down far South, stunning, and the kids love going down there, and so do i....

      The Bad......
      1.Mmmm, struggling now!!!! Maybe the education isn't quite up to the standard of the UK.
      2. I'm sometimes suprised how overprotective some Aussie parents are, like they are turning their kids into wusses, i always thought the Aussies were a lot tougher.
      3. Guinness......if you want a good pint go to the Alma in Willunga!

      I'm done, nothing else really bothers me to much that i could list it as Bad!!!!!!


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      5 good:

      1. Weather
      2. Public transport
      3. The fact that you have such a diverse landscape
      4. friendly people
      5. beautiful views

      5 bad

      1. Can be difficult to find work if you're new to SA
      2. Not the same work ethic as in the Uk (can be really lazy)
      3. Can be hard when you're family are so far away
      4. mozzies
      5. Beer and houses are more expensive than you think they're going to be.
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      You can go out wearing whatever you want and no-one bats an eyelid
      You can swim in the sea...(I wouldn't do that in the North Sea, although I do concede I DO know some numpties who do)
      Cheap petrol, eating out
      Kids are welcome everywhere, more or less


      Lots of hypochondriacs, waiting to see a doc when Mrs Jones makes her regular appointment for next month whether she needs it or not, and GOES!
      The way things are priced $3.98 is $4..... so say it like that!!
      Fines for revenue sake....double fines on public holidays
      Aussies telling me to "say that in Australian" as if they are the only ones who speak correctly
      Punctuation and the bastardisation of the English language, oh and the way anything French is pronounced

      But hey we love it here

      Great thread Django!
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      We have 2 children, so our point of view relates much to what is relevant to a young family

      1. Standard of living- you can be immersed in nature AND be only 25 mins away form the CBD
      2. Wildlife parks and children facilities are fantastic
      3. Green spaces and parklands in the city
      4. Choice of a number of places where you can have seaside, hills and city all within 20 mins
      5. Amazing outdoor facilities at public schools, children can have lunch outside and enjoy the sunshine
      6. The quality of the light- LOVE the moonlight and starry skies here
      7. Quality of fresh produce is higher
      7. Old fashioned feel, honesty and community spirit of bygone days

      1. Hard to make real friends (although Aussies have a friendly manner, which is deceiving)
      2. Very hard for women used to be in well-paid jobs in male environments to be able to go back up the wage ladder
      3. Chauvinism at work
      4. Price and reliabilty of tradies!!
      5. Very high grocery bills compared to the UK (although larger choice of ingredients if you are prepared to drive around and stock up)
      6. Cost of childcare forces mums to give up work as most women can only earn a fraction of the childcare costs
      7. Less stimulating scene if you like opera/theatre/plays (the festival centre is very substandard imho)

      That being said, we love living here, and we love the Aussies anyway :jimlad:
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      1...easy reach of the beach, the country, the city, wine centres!!!!
      2...cheaper petrol, so i can get there!
      3...more oportunities for hard working kids!
      4.... the sheer beauty of the beach, country, city at night, im so lucky to have this view!
      5.... my garden, the 2 bluetongues who live in it, my veggie patch.

      1...people saying"why Adelaide"!, have they no eyes???
      2... the manana attitude, dear lord, please get a wriggle on, sometimes.
      3...the ability to stay in work, regardless of there being nothing to do, and how the H can they justify sitting around for 3-4 hours........have they no lives outside of work?
      4....bloody 16 year olds wanting a driving lesson.............
      5,,,,, the need for a certificate, degree, or australian evidence of ever having done something other than year bloody 12!

      The cost of decent shoes; the price of paint, bloody school uniforms that need a second mortgage!!!

      In all this is a lovely place...............


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