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    Thread: 5 Good, 5 Bad

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      Good points:

      1.Lots of beaches and the ease of getting to them quickly
      2. Teenagers in general are much more polite and chatty AND actively shake your hand
      3. Parrots in the trees
      4. Being able to plan to do something outside AND doing it without being rained off
      5. Free BBQ's on pretty much every reserve

      .....I could go on.....

      Bad points:

      1. House insulation
      2. Red tape and beaucracy as an immigrant for stupid little things like internet dongles, medicare,etc!!!!!!!!!
      3. Huntsmen spiders
      4. Mozzies
      5. Flies in summer

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      Proper summers
      The fabulous southern beaches
      The seaview from our house in Hallett Cove - million dollar views
      General friendliness - shop workers, colleagues etc
      The quality of medical care/doctors - just excellent

      Mozzies - irritating
      Flies - disgusting
      Bad drivers - don't get me started!
      Lack of double glazing and radiator central heating - boy do we need it in winter!
      Plight of the Aboriginals

      Overall, it is great. Cheers.
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      People have mentioned many of the things I would say, but here is my addition:


      1) The people and social interaction with them (not just Aussies, but all migrants too)
      2) The views - sunsets, hills, parklands, cityscape.... never gets boring
      3) The variety of days out easily accessible - hiking, boating, swimming, beach, shopping, wineries, fruit picking..... the list goes on
      4) Public transport - cheap and rarely late!
      5) Cheaper gym membership than UK


      1) The price of doing up a home
      2) Have to say it again... insulation!
      3) Ants!
      4) Not being able to dump rubbish for free
      5) Cost of broadband/ telephones
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