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      donna T
      We flew SQ and stopped over for 2 nights in Singapore which was a complete blessing.
      Felt like crap for the whole thing due to the sobbing but the stay in Singapore helped.
      The flight leaves London in the evening and leaves Sngapore for Adelaide at 2300 or thereabouts so the kids (5 and 2) slept most of the way for both flights
      Donna x

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      We have just returned from our reccie and looking at selah's times above we did this option with singapore airlines, the airline was 100% fab and looked after all the kids on the flight ,and as for singapore airport well what a place...!! There is loads to do free internet ...games console area.....an area where kids were doing some sought of etchings...loads of shops....tv's to watch. Read while we were there that singapore airport has been voted the best airport in the world for the last 20 years, that says it all.
      From the jetlag point of view i think you either get it or you dont...we did big time took 3 days to recover.
      Hope this helps Cheers Graham

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      angie & stephen

      Smile Flights

      Thanks to everbody who have put there thoughts into this.

      It looks like singapore airlines Via Manchester it is then and a stopover in singapore and then onto Adelaide. All my little boy is intrested at the moment is what color the plane will be he is only 5 after all.



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      Dear Stephen,
      I hope you have better luck than we did. My 3 year old got very upset because he didn't believe he actually was in a plane. How can you when you enter from an inside door and it's dark so you don't see anything on take off and there are no lines in the sky!! He expected to see hundreds of planes flying all round him (bit like Star wars I think) and was really disappointed when we told him we'd quite prefer not to see any other planes. Never mind. It also took him several weeks to believe he was in australia and apparently only when we were acutally at wildlife parks with kangaroos and koala's. The rest of the time he was just at "nanny's house" which isn't Australia.

      Have a good flight!

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      We came with SAL and had a room at the transit hotel which was great. Clean tidy room, plug to charge the phone, wonderful bath and shower and the privacy to have a decent conversation with the family.

      That was the plan...in reality I slept for 4 out of 5 hours that we were at the airport! Bob and the girls were soo excited that they spent all their time shopping and eating in Singapore.

      It helped with a long journey but didn't stop us being tired when we got here or being asleep by 4pm on our first day.

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      i would defo go for the singapore flight direct to adelaide saving you the internal transfer flight. plus the 4 hour stop over would give you a chance to stretch your legs and have a bite to eat in a nice place would be good for you...

      good luck


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