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Does anyone in Australia know if we can access it online somehow here?? BBC iPlayer is only available in the UK! I'd like to watch it! x
I've copied and pasted this from a member called Trevez, it worked for us

Wanna watch BBC Iplayer here in Oz? (or anywhere for that matter!)
Just stumbled upon this little gem. It basically makes your IP private via a neat little local VPN so the BBC dont know where your coming from. Its called Expat Shield and installs to your PC and runs in the background.

Another cheeky little trick I'm gonna try next is running the BBC Iplayer thru the Wii so I can get it on the big tele! Basically, I had to change my country to UK via Wii settings, then goto the Wii Shop and the BBC Iplayer channel shows up so you can install it. Then switch back to Aussie. Then in your wii settings, enter your PC internal IP as proxy server (while running expat) and also install CC proxy on the PC turning it into a proxy server. Get CC Proxy here Proxy Server CCProxy - Easy-to-use Proxy Software for Windows 2000/98/XP/NT/2003/Vista

Give it a go, Im very impressed with it! :D