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      UK Passports

      Went to the post office this morning to sumbit some UK passport applications and unforunately had an out of date form :( so have to fill in again. When I had a bit of a moan about having them countersigned again she told me that if you are sumbitting previous passports then they don't need countersigning. Bit worried about turning up for the next appointment and being turned away again, anyone else been told this and successfully submitted applications. Thanks

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      Yes it seems that's right... here's the checklist for passport renewal http://ukinnewzealand.fco.gov.uk/res...newingPassport (went on a roundabout tour through google because the process has changed- that's prob why the form has changed). The thing to watch is this (quoting from the document):

      If your appearance is very different from the photo in your current or last passport, you should get your form countersigned. All children under 12
      must have their form countersigned.

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