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    Thread: Last post from England.. we fly in 10 hours!

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      Have a safe flight, Happy New Year and a Happy new life when you arrive in your new country

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      Last 10 hours

      Hi Hazel
      Just wanted to wish you all the best on your last few hours in the uk. I remember all the madness on the last day before we set of on our journey and it was pure chaos. It was nice to just get on the plane to sit back and chill for a while. It will all seem a bit of a rollercoaster for a while when you land and try and sort everything out at once. Just take your time with everything. It will also be rather emotional for a while, but then you will start to appreciate Adelaide and all it has to offer. It truly is a lovely place and I truly feel blessed to live here. Loved Wolverhampton as it was where I was born, but makes me appreciate Adelaide all the more. Lots of luck to you and your family and Enjoy your new life here you will be truly amazed.
      From Wolverhampton
      Now living in Flagstaff Hill

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      Funny that was us four years ago, I remember takind a full vauxhall astra to the hotel the day before we were gonna fly

      Cant believe we have been here four years on 4th Jan


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      Wow,flying out on New Years Day!Could'nt think of a better way to start the new year,by starting a new life!!! Hope the flight goes well for you,and enjoy the summer!xx

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      Quote Originally Posted by Hazel M View Post
      What an emotional few days its been, I can't believe we have actually got to thois point where we seem to be next in line for the plane!!
      Since Christmas day its been almost a continual stream of goodbyes, ending today with our parents.

      We are still sorting out the last few binbags of stuff in the house to go to the tip in the morning, then at lunchtime we'll start the journey to Heathrow being taken by our friends, in 2 cars - half the family in each car. Tea at Heathrow, a look around the shops then time to get on board ready to fly at 8.50pm.... and fingers crossed the little ones will sleep - particularly the littlest one who will be occupying my lap for the next 26 hours or so

      Any way, better get stuffing more binbags.... hang in everyone waiting for Visas, you wont beleive how quickly it flies by once you've been given the OK!

      And a last 'thank you SO much' from the UK to everyone who has helped in any way at one time or another on this site... all those pearls of wisdom have been invaluable getting us to this point.

      See you on the sunny side :D

      Fantastic, enjoy!!!! We hope to be posting much the same this time next year! bet the adrenaline is flowing now.......

      Good luck and a happy new year to you!!

      Safe flight

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      have a great flight, what a way to start 2011


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