Hi all,

firstly, may i on behalf of myself and the UK, send our best wishes to everyone who has been affected by the flooding, some of the video footage coming out of Queensland is nuts!

apologies for the absence over the past couple of weeks, had lots on.

Got the brill news on wednesday that my 417 had been granted......after only 3 days!!!

Now i'm obviously saving as much money as possible before i fly out in May. Can anyone offer any advice about renting? Looking to be in the Adelaide/ SA area for 3-6 months, depending on the work situation.

I know i want to emigrate permanently, but the 12-24 months i'll initally be in OZ will be my fact finding mission about where i want to live, work etc.

You've already given me some great advice and tips through my previous posts, and i hope to maybe meet up with a few people for a drink or two, and really get to know about the area direct from the people who already know it, you guys and girls!! :)

As always, help and advice apreciated :D