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    Thread: Using an agent

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      Using an agent

      Just wandered whether anyone had used an agent when applying for the 887 visa. We did use an agent when applying for the 475 and just found it took the stress out of the whole thing, so wouldnt mind doing that again. Wasnt sure wether we could use the same agent from the uk or whether there are any based in Adelaide and what the cost involved would be. Thanks for any info/advice.

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      Hi Chris - we used an agent for the 495 to get here - but did the 887 ourselves. It's not too bad - because you can upload documents now & sent them in electronically. It took from April 08 to October 08 to get the visa - not sure of timescales now. Good luck - I would save money & do it myself if I were you.

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      Hi Chris

      we too used an agent for our495 application and agree it did take the stress out of it. We decided to do the 887 ourselves and as Dawn says you can upload all your docs yourselves. The only problem we had was that we validated our visas first then arrived just over 3 months later, so when we came to be reviewed our case officer wanted UK police checks again as we had been out the country for over 3 months.... so that was a bit stressful but she extended our time frame and it wasn't really too bad,

      It took around 4 months for the process in Nov 09. I agree it may seem daunting but as long as your a bit organised and have all your docs ready its not too bad at all. Save the money and treat yourselves to a nice celebration meal when you get your permanent visa!!

      Good Luck

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      The 887 after the 475 or 495 visa is a pretty straightforward process.

      I assume that since you are looking at the 887 you have been in Australia for the 2 years required and have worked for at least 1 of those years.

      I have just done the 887 online and it is very very simple and you dont need an agent to walk you through it. The first part is basically all your info, name, birthdate, migrating dependents etc info and the system walks you through it one question at a time (you would need to provide all that info to an agent anyway)- asks you if you have lived in a regional area for 2 years - yes/no and then you get to the part to upload your proof.

      I just scanned all my rent receipts for the 2 years, scanned my payslips and got and scanned payroll printouts just to back up my claims, added in group certificates, police clearance certificates, birth certificates, passport bio page and that was it. Applied on Tuesday evening heard yesterday morning my visa was approved.

      When I read the blurb about the 887 visa on the DIMA website which was focusing on the paper based 887 it all seemed rather daunting but doing it online it much easier.

      Tip - provide as much info as you can that substantiates your claim and do it in date order so they can see your "history", clearly label each file you upload e.g. payslips from x-y or rent receipts so that they know instantly where to look.



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