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      GRRRrrrrrr Cats!!!!!

      Cats!! can't live with them... can't live without them!!!!???

      We have three lovely cats who we love dearly.... unfortunately one of them peed all over two of our Ozzie books!!! GRRrrrrrrrrrrr
      One of the books was new : "The Same Difference?"
      Do you think our cats are trying to tell us something!!?? ha ha ha GRRrrrrrrrrrr .. hasn't put us off moving over to Adelaide this year though!!
      We remain positive!!!
      Graham, janis & Sophie Price - Aberdeenshire/Scotland

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      Hmmmmm!lol Out cat recently started peeing on a rug on a regular basis!Not sure why,luckily she'd got out of the habit now,was becoming seriously annoying!Alot of cats are attracted by paper,so maybe thats why your cat decided the book was a good place to have a wee!



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