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    Thread: PC Repair ??

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      ste and cheryl

      PC Repair ??

      Hello all,

      Was unsure where to post this ...

      We need a pc repair guy !!!! Our 6 month Laptop has decided to more or less die on us !

      Is there anyone on here or can you recommend anyone?



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      cornish Busdriver
      What kind of dead has it got.
      Boot Manager missing ? blue screen of death or just wont fire up and what make and model is it

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      ste and cheryl
      Erm ....

      Hp G61 ... I think .
      Takes forever to load to homescreen and won't allow us to access anything ! (odd occasion it will)
      A blue screen with loads of writing did come up but then it rebooted itself .... Not that it helped!
      We haven't wiped it yet, going to get back up tomorrow and hopefully do that as I can access documents and photos in safe mode. But we don't have any if the disc that cane with it, we must have forgotten them when we moved here !

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      Some very knowledgable guys on here but you could also try here.....

      Tech Support Forum


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      cornish Busdriver
      Well its not terminal then.
      Go online and try to get hold of the recovery disk and run them trough and that will sort it as its just **** its self.

      Just found this on the net for you to try as well

      Restore the PC to original condition with the HP Recovery Manager
      If the computer cannot open to the Windows desktop, follow the steps below to use the f11 key to launch the HP Recovery Manager and return your notebook to its original factory condition.
      When the notebook is powered on, press the wireless button to turn ON the wireless switch.
      Turn the power off and on to restart the computer.
      Press the f11 key to launch the HP Recovery Manager.
      NOTE: If the HP Recovery Manager cannot access the hard drive to fix the system errors, use the personal recovery discs to recover the hard drive to its original condition.
      When the Welcome to HP Recovery Manager windows displays, click Next .
      When prompted to perform a Microsoft System Restore , select No , and then click Next .
      When prompted to perform a System Recovery , select Yes , and then click Next .
      When prompted to Backup Files , select the desired option.
      When prompted to perform a Recover your computer to original factory condition , select Next and allow the system recovery process to complete.
      NOTE: Do not interrupt the recovery process even if the Windows desktop is displayed. The computer will restart automatically during the setup. Wait until the setup is complete and a prompt is displayed to login to the computer.
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      cornish Busdriver

      To determine if the HP Recovery Manager is operational, press the power switch to turn on the computer, and then repeatedly press f11 during the startup. If the Recovery Manager is operational, the computer will display a prompt to either (1) recover the operating system from files stored on the recovery partition, or (2) create a set of recovery discs which does not require the purchase of a replacement recovery disc
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      ste and cheryl
      Thank you :) I shall try this tomorrow once everything is backed up ! Really appreciate that, thanks !!!

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      Computer Repairs & Upgrades / Virus Removal / Website Design / iPhone Repairs / Mobile Phone Screen Repairs / Mobile Phone Unlocking Services - Highly Competitive Rates - Will Beat ANY Quote By 10%

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      Whatever you do do not follow the first thing Cornish said. you will lose all your data!!!

      I cant emphasise that enough, ignore his post - if you follow those instructions you will be one unhappy camper!!! I know you said you will try and get a back up, but you will lose emails etc , as they won't be backed up.

      I do not know why so many so called experts' post stuff on forums. The old adage a little knowledge is dangerous is so true.

      The issue is (most likely) a driver, as you can load safe mode.

      (Trust me, I am a PC Doctor)

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      cornish Busdriver
      Hey AN.
      Before you start shooting off and iff you read there post you would have seen that they were going to back everything up first. , Thats why i said about a system restore.
      Before you say a little knowledge is dangerous can i ask what qualifacations you have when it comes to computers or electronics cause now your in my world.
      There are 10 kinds of people that understand binary.
      Thoughs who do and thoughs who do'nt


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