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      The Wobbles, Scared, Confused.........

      Hi everyone

      Well, we really are confused in Boston at the moment.

      After being so excited at getting a Case Officer and booking our medicals, I am really considerering not moving at all......

      All along myself and Neil have said that if we don't move to Australia we will relocate to Lincoln to be nearer Neils family and work. Why then, when we seem so close to the dream of Australia becoming reality do I think I would rather go to Lincoln.

      We have spent a lot of time looking at relocation costs to Oz, along with interest and exchange rates, house prices etc.... all which have changed dramatically for us in the last year and the house we could have had a year ago now seems impossible.

      or is that just an excuse and I am just so scared of actually making the move.....

      because it isn't just about the house, its the whole lifestyle thing. And if we did go, we still haven't 100% decided on Adelaide or Brisbane, I am so confused about what to do, its not just Neil and my future we are gambling with, we have the children to consider to. If we go and hate it, could we afford to come back and have the life we have now...

      I have looked into Lincoln, and yes, it is so much more easier, child care readily availbale and we both have good jobs, we don't really want for anything and do have a good standard of living....

      but Am I just taking the easy option? Neil is so gutted and deflated by me thinking like this, the only words I can think of to describe him!

      I know no one can tell me what to do but it feels a bit better to get it out in the open.

      Sorry for rambling on.


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      lifes one big gamble and where ever u end up you will make the most of any situation.

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      Quote Originally Posted by Aussiebound View Post
      we have the children to consider to.
      The best reason in the world to go in my opinion.;)

      It is fear of the unknown which is natural. But as I have said many times before.... regret the things you do rather than regret not doing them. Think of yourself ten years down the line. Will you say 'what if?'
      As for jobs........ I would be more concerned with time at home. Neil may have a fabby job but from what I remember he was looking forward to spending more family time than working long hours.
      Look at the things you enjoy. I reckon you would enjoy them more in an Ozzy summer than a wet UK one. ;)

      But at the end of the day you have to look at the reasons you started this journey. You need to discuss with Neil what direction you want your lives to go and do what is best for you as a family. I hope you make the right decission for you.

      Good luck


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      Like you say no one can say the one thing you want to hear to make your mind up. It is only natural to have these feelings, i know i do from time to time. What keeps me going is the thought of when i sit in say 20 years time saying to myself "what if" or "if only". I think at the end of the day only you can decide what to do but be realistic about how hard things will be for the start but as long as its expected to be hard and tough at first it will be easier to deal with. Im sure the people over there will say they went through the same feelings and that with a bit of hard work and time the life is worth all the pain to start. Hope everything works out for you and the whole family
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      Hi Sarah

      I just wanted to say that I think what your going through is soooo normal, can anyone honestly say that they did it without even the littlest doubt in their mind.

      I am sure it will not last long and you will be surer that ever after it.

      Your not on your own


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      Take a few days to put things into perspective. Wherever you end up living, it has to be the right place for you and your family at that time. Why not give Oz a try if you are successful and if you find you are desperately unhappy, then move back to the UK. Try renting out your house here first and then you know you have some security here to return to if everything doesn't click into place. You can always sell it later on.

      Most of all, plese remember that there isn't a person on here who didn't get the jitters at the thought of jacking it all in and moving half way round the world. We are in the final stages and I am convinced now that we will fall at the last hurdle, and the thought of that makes me feel gutted. I think that reaffirms for me that I do really want to go and live in Adelaide.

      Think calmly and rationally and maybe write a list of all the pros and cons you can think of for both places. Perhaps, as has been said before, it is better to regret something you have done, rather than something you haven't...

      Best of luck, whatever you decide to do.

      Traci x

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      I think you are going through waht everyone does. I have a few times asked Pete if we are doing the right thing. Pete doesn't have any doubts and doesn't have wobbles but I do. I think most normal people do! Nuff said about Pete!!;)

      I agree with Pete and Ian that you don't want to be sitting here in 10 years time regretting your decision. My mum and Dad were going to emigrate before me and my brother were born but didn't as my dads mum was ill. She sadly died when I was young and when they decided to look into going again couldn't as they couldn't afford it and by then needed a trade and didn't have it. They regretted it ever since and after my dad sadly died at the age of 57 two years ago my mum went on a three month trip on her own to Oz and would now love to emigrate but has to wait until we have been out there long enough to sponser her. I think it made me see that life is far too short to worry about 'what ifs'. Me and Pete had talked about Oz a few times but it was always me saying no but after losing dad I decided that life IS too short and what would we lose apart from dreary cold weather etc. Basically what I am waffling on about and trying to say is look at why you started all this and I'm sure you will be fine.

      Sorry to waffle but hope you are feeling happier about things soon, once the medicals are over I sure you will be. Look on the bright side you can't get as lost as we did trying to find the right place!!


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      Hello Sarah
      I have to agree with the rest!
      I think once you catch the "I want to emmigrate" bug, it is very hard to shake off. You will wonder now for ever "what if?" Whatever you do!
      I cant tell you what to do,it has to your families choice, we all have different reasons, the main one being for the kids, which IMO is the best one and the one that is most real.
      You could also look at it as a big adventure, one the whole family are in on, not only that but you will be broadening their horizons
      Good luck Sarah

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      Hi Sarah

      The wobbles to some degree do seem to be part of the process that they don't tell you about but we all go through. We had a fantatsic business in the uk and a very good life financially but we have taken a huge step backwards here and it is still hard going getting the business up and going again here....

      ....having said when we watch how much Dawn has thrived here everything is soooooo worth while. Picking her up from school and her wanting to go straight to the beach with her new body board and just play is so good to see :) The tv is on nowhere near as much as she runs around like a 5 year old should - even I am rarely on the pc now as we are always out and about. Financially we are nowhere near as we were in the uk but there is more to life and I would not swap what we have now for anything and the money side of things will pick up again in time :v_SPIN:


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      Hi Sarah

      I think what you are feeling is normal to some extent and all of us have had doubts at some point along the way.

      We were living in Oxfordshire before moving and we knew that once we left there, it didn't matter where we were, we wouldn't be able to afford to move back for some time due to the ridiculous house prices and so if Oz failed, we were looking at Northamptonshire.

      For us, we wanted to try it in Oz. If it fails, well, we gave it a shot. And in the meantime it is an adventure for all of us. The kids are having a great time here.

      I think many people in UK who have yet to come must be feeling frustrated at the exchange rate, the house we could have had in Perth a few years ago is now totally beyond our reach hence the move to Adelaide. I find Adelaide slower than Brisbane (we were there last summer) and it feels less busy and for me that appeals.

      The most important thing is to keep talking.

      Good luck in making your decision



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