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      cornish Busdriver
      I know exactly how you feel and what ya going through.
      My mum last year ended up in hospital with water on the lungs and then had a heart attack.
      She said a few months before when she was here that never to go back to the UK again if something ever happend to her as she would prefer me to remember her as she was here.
      Luckly she got over it ok and now on some sort of medication and already planning her next trip back out here when i buy my own place.
      I know it must be frustrating not being there as i wanted so bad to go back and see her but held to the promice i made her about not going back, luckly though i do have a lot of family and friends back there who all kept me informed and still keeps an eye on her for me.

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      I know exactly how you feel - my dad went into hospital on christmas eve - sudden illness - he's 77 this year. We have been back twice since coming in 2006 - and have seen my parents well & happy. If we had not - I would've gone back ASAP - the decision is yours - the children are so young for this journey, it would make sense to go on your own - but that's your call. I would go on my own in your position.

      We have made the decision that we have been back regularly and seen people well & would not therefore go back for illnesses or funerals.

      Good luck - my dad got better & is back to his old self. Yours is a little older , but may make a similar recovery. I hpe that's the case. Best wishes for a happy outcome.


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