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    Thread: Does this mean we have a case officer?

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      Rachael Reeve

      Does this mean we have a case officer?

      Just been checking how things are moving on and it says meds and police checks requested. Do we have a case officer? can anyone help me. We only put in for our visas in Dec 2010.Did not think it would be this fast. Very pleased that it is fast!

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      Usually when they ask for police checks and medicals it means that you have a case officer.
      Maybe you are 1 of the lucky 1's!!

      Good luck.

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      Rachael Reeve
      Oh My God! Thank you for that.

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      If you have submitted your application on line, which it sounds as though you have, have a look in the 'Document Checklist' and if a case officer has been allocated you should see 'Met' against things like 'Birth certificate or other evidence of age - Met' etc.

      Additionally on the first page that you see once you log in you should also see something like '14/02/2011 e-Mail sent to you' indicating that a case officer is working on your case and in communication with you to request the meds etc.

      Hoping this helps and that on checking you do have a Case Officer. Good luck.

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      Rachael Reeve
      Thanks for that, have had a look and it does say Met against things. it seems we have a case officer. Thank god because we have booked meds.
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      I too got a CO today!! but its not asking for police checks only medicals?! i'm confused i thought everyone had to do them? unless theres been an error
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      Bev Jay

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      Aaarrrggghhhh!!!! Why aren't we getting a bloody case officer!!!!!! We applied in august 2010 and started our plans in march 2009!!! I'm so pleased for everyone else but honestly im losing my hair as to why we keep being missed! I feel sick :-(



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