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      Some questions re internet etc.

      We put our house on the market two weeks ago and it is now under contract. If everything goes okay we will complete on 28th April. We didn't think we would sell it so quickly. We will spend a month or so in Melbourne as our daughter and her husband are out for a bit. We will be looking for accommodation in Melbourne for a month or so. Anyone got any ideas? We will be giving up our internet provider but still need internet. Is there any way we can get broadband on our laptop without a contract. Someone mentioned a dongle. How does it work. I would really appreciate assistance on this.
      To all those who have shown an interest in our goods for sale, I will be posting photos after 17th March. Don't want to take things for granted.

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      It just works like a mobile phone, you plug it into a USB point on your PC/laptop and provided there is a mobile signal it will work. We used virgin prepaid for a while on our laptop until we got settled (obviously you don't want to get tied up with a contract). It works ok, a bit slow but acceptable. All the mobile phone companies do them (virgin, optus etc).
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      Yup, dongle.

      Only thing is if you use Skype and video chat to the UK or some such of an Australian evening time you may find the connection very poor and cuts out. And also things like watching clips on You Tube or uploading masses of photos will eat up your bandwidth. So keep to the basics and you'll be fine :)

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      Thank you! So much to do!!!!!



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