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      We've got some Aussies in our house!!!!

      Hi everyone
      Just thought I would let you know that we have our friends over from Adelaide at the moment. They are visiting the UK for 4 weeks and staying with us for 2.
      They arrived this morning at 5am and are so jetlagged they were all in bed by 6.30pm tonight!!

      Anyway, once they are slightly more in the land of the living we will be bombarding them with questions about Adelaide!! Even though we have been there, it was 8 years ago so loads has changed.

      It seems really strange to be able to speak to someone face to face about the place we are going to live in! What was also really nice is that even though we havent seen them for 8 years, because we talk on the phone all the time it just didnt feel that long! I guess thats friendship for you then!!!

      So we will be showing them the sights of North Devon (that'll take about 10 minutes!!) and taking them to Eurodisney at the weekend in exchange for a few weeks bed and board when we first get out to Oz!!! A fair swap I think you would agree!!

      Vicki x

      PS: we are taking them to Exeter shopping on wednesday to buy warm clothing!! Its just a little bit chillier than they expected!!

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      I would say thats a fair swap.Lets hope the weather is better in Paris!! Enjoy your Eurodisney trip and the rides. I hope your freinds find Paris as friendly as North Devon.

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      sorry spelling(friends)

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      Nice one guys, you'll have to share their thoughts with us about Adelaide. It will be interesting to hear what the locals think.
      J x


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