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    Thread: Getting there!!

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      Getting there!!

      Finally seeing light at the end of the tunnel - visa application filled in, documents posted off and had medicals today, not sure if we'll pass them though as they cost and arm and a leg!

      On thing that's come to mind is, provided we're successful that is, with the flights - do you have to buy one-way tickets or does anyone know if any airlines do kind of open returns where you can go out on a set date but have a return option for say 12 months where you can contact the airline to fly back if needed on an available flight? - would hope not to use it though.


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      hello and welcome

      great that you are in the game too!

      re the flights: i guess they are doable but will cost the other arm and leg!
      and besides that my personal opinion if you have a return flight in your pocket - will you give it 100% to settle down? or if it gets difficult take the 'easy' way out .....

      just a thought!

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      from my experience of flight tickets. there are many types/classes available with the cheapest being non changeable-refundable. the more you pay for the ticket the more flexible/options the ticket will have for future changes.
      i have changed my return date in the past but had to pay 100 for doing so. i think my ticket was valid for 3 months then.
      so i think if you contacted the airline direct to see if the had a ticket that you want
      or maybe just schedule your possible return date for about 11 months after the outward journy.

      good luck with the ticket

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      Funny you should ask this, as I went into Trailfinders yesterday to investigate flights. You can only get a one way ticket if you are migrating, (as they have to see your visa), but that isn't to say you can't book a return. You DO however, lose your extra baggage allowance if you book a return, so if you want to be able to take the extra luggage (which as you are going to be without everything you own for about 6-8 weeks isn't such a bad idea), then defo book a one way ticket.

      We looked at loads of airlines and for the dates we are looking at, it was Cathay who did the best deal through Trailfinders and gave us 40kg of luggage each, double the amount given to return tickets.

      We also looked at a stop over in Sydney for a couple of days, but again, we lost the extra luggage allowance this time on the internal flight between Sydney and Adelaide, so we'll have to have a holiday there some other time.

      Hope this all helps, just pop into somewhere like Trailfinders or Travelbag cos they're dead helpful, well, the girl in Nottingham was anyway!

      Good luck

      Traci xx

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      thanks for pointing them things out traci, you gave me food for though there.
      some things i will have to consider too.

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      Have to agree with Paul on this one, i didn't realise that the extra baggage allowance was cancelled out if you did a stop over, which we were hoping to do, so will have to think about that one carefully.

      many thanks x
      Cornelia (41), Andy (42!!), Ally (16) & Wee Andi (12) x

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      Thanks to everyone the advice, I was looking to maybe stay over in Singapore for a couple of days to break the flight up so will need to take the baggage allowance into consideration too if we book a one-way ticket.


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