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Hi Angie, We thought you couldn't take wood etc but then I saw people saying they were taking/have taken wardrobes and beds across. I thought you had to have everything specially treated before you went. If that isn't the case then thats great - I shall ask a shipping company about my violins as I have about 10 to take lol. We have just bought a nice A4 book and we are going to start writing things to do when we get there and all the good sites we have heard about like fantasticfurniture.com.au etc - Could be useful. You should get your visas very soon :-)
You should be fine with all your violins , your a very musical family then :o
I'm gonna have to sort out photo albums as i have some from St Lucia, which are made from local woods , shrubs etc what ever they used isn't gonna get into oz !! And don't need that hassel when we're there
Snap, i've done the same and making loads of notes so we've got some idea of where to get stuff etc. I've been getting info on shipping as well, haven't looked into costs yet but read some of the threads on here , which has been really helpful , and i've got some details from one company called Anglo Pacific , i'm not sure how much yet but will let you know when i find out , also i would like a company with a good rep to avoid unnessesary breakages as this could be tragic !!
Yes fingers double crossed , very soon
You guys wont be far behind us , howz all your plans going ??? Pm me