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      Here are the details of the RHCAs which Australia has entered into with other countries including the UK:


      This link gives sublinks to the PBS:


      Reptriating a dead body intact costs the earth and all sorts of permits have to be arranged, plus fineral directors sent to collect the body from the airport UK etc. Bringing ashes out of Australia and back to the UK costs next to nothing and does not require anything except the death certificate and evidence of when and where the cremation took place. Hayshake is not being morbid about this in my view. I think he is right to acddress the possible realities that might have to be faced.

      Hayshake is also right in saying that the UK does not have reciprocal health care agreements with any of the countries in which one is likely to want to make a stop-over en route to or from Australia.

      Congrtulations on your visa, Hayshake, and I am delighted to hear that you ad your wife are now settled in Oz.

      Best wishes

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