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    Thread: We're going home, we're going home!

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      cornish Busdriver
      Hey hold ya head up high.
      Its better to have tried than always wonder what if ?
      Gotta admit it wasnt quiet as shock to me to find out that my HGV and PSV wasnt valid here as i contacted the service SA before we arrived to check.
      The private hospital you worked at to start with wasnt one on wakefield street by any chance, my ex worked there in theaters and was less than impressed with it so went to work at flinders.
      Anyways im seriously sorry that things hasnt worked out for you as you had hoped or planned but you never know thins change in life and you might even come back again one day.
      I hope your return to the UK is a happy one

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      The Dimmocks
      All the best for your return to the UK. x

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      What an honest, even-handed post. I agree with so much of what you've written and had I not landed a good job just a few weeks after arriving I doubt we'd have stuck it this far. We've had a house built and have no (immediate) plans to move on/back, but if we ever do it will be for similar reasons.

      Good luck, Jim

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      In my view things HAVE worked out for you.

      You came, tried it and have decided to return to what you are happy with - plenty of dinner party guests will hear your stories - they will all say that you made the right decision.

      Good luck with the next part of your life.

      Short term fully furnished 3-bed rental in Happy Valley.
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      Hi Northern Star,
      I was so sad to read that things have not gone your way and that you are moving back to the UK. We met you (Tracey) at a poms in Adelaide meet-up and you and you are such a lovely positive family. I admire you for giving it a go as many people don't have the courage to take a risk. Moving to the other side of the world is not easy and it is true that you have good and bad days. But I also reckon a little bit of good luck and being at the right place at the right time helps with settling and making a new life. I wish you goodluck and hope that you finally feel settled and happy.

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      Just wanted to wish you the best of luck on your return to the UK.Sounds like you have given it all your best shot and good on you for doing that.Life is what you make it wherever you live.xx

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      Hello there,
      Im Tracy's Mum. There hasnt been a day gone passed that I havent thought about Tracy and her family and I miss them all terribly. When I was told they were going to Australia I was happy and sad.....Happy that they were doing something that would make them happy and sad that it was breaking my heart. When I was told they were coming home I was so happy .......................and like most have said they gave it a go .............I will be welcoming them back with open arms and I do hope that they never put me through this heartache again. Its so hard being a Mum, you want what is best for your Children and Granchildren but in my purely selfish way I want what is best for them but in this country. Tracy Tuesday cannot come quick enough for me.

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      Awwwwwwwwww feel for ya got a understanding about what ya saying x

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      Hope you find happiness and admire you for trying. Good luck back in Blighty.
      Living In Adelaide Since Jan 2012 And Loving It

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      Always think - don't regret the things that you have done - it's the things you haven't regret ! You've tried emigration - it hasn't worked out, but you will always have that experience. Good luck with the return journey


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