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    Thread: Pedestrian fines-watch out!

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      Pedestrian fines-watch out!

      My daughters friend was stopped by a police man at on a crossing on Rundle street, she had walked out just as the light changed to red, along with many other people! Yes I know she was wrong, but she was given a fine (not a warning) $81!! It turns out that $21 is the actual fine and $60 Victim of crime levy (a fund to compensate injured people as a result of crime)
      Just wanted to warn people how much the fines are!
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      Blimey I didn't realise jaywalking was illegal here!!!!

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      Knew it was illegal but didn't realise they actually fined people for it! Did they do everyone who tried it? Mind you driving in the city isn't fun with all the pedestrians is it, I'm always a bit worried about that.
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      Maybe if they fine more often people would not attempt to walk illegally in front of cars and sometimes get hit.
      I was caught out when I first arrived, the policeman blew a whistle at me and warned me, but I have never forgotten it.

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      I know the cops are often outside the train station, issuing tickets to jaywalkers!!

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      They have a clamp down on this each year.
      It may sound harsh but im glad they do as i get fed up slamming on the brakes going down King william cause someone decides to step out in front of my bus.



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